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Throwback Thursday: Summer Throwbacks Part 1

Summer is in full effect, and we are all looking for that perfect summer playlist that goes well with heading to the beach, jamming out during those summer house parties (or just plain jamming out at home with the volume on full blast), or those spontaneous and adventurous road trips to wherever your heart desires. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking you back to some of the greatest summer releases in K-Pop! Make sure to jot these down and get them on your playlists!

“Hot Summer” - f(x)

You cannot start off the Summer Throwbacks without putting out the summer anthem, “Hot Summer” from f(x). Released in 2011, the SM Entertainment girl group tells us about the hot summer and the fun activities to do during the season. The summer “must-dos” that f(x) talk about are heading out to the beach, going to the water park, and having some ice cream on a hot day. Instead of staying at home and being bored, f(x) encourages their listeners to get outside and enjoy the hot summer! “Hot Summer” is a classic song and music video that features their unique style and signature catchy chorus and dance. It’s also guaranteed that “Hot Summer” will get stuck in your head!

“Bubble Pop” - HyunA

Arguably one of her most popular songs, HyunA’s iconic “Bubble Pop” makes the list for Summer Throwbacks! “Bubble Pop” marked the return of HyunA as a solo artist, instantly becoming a smash hit for the summer of 2011. The song is bright and catchy, with a dance that many can follow along to. The music video currently has over 125 million views on YouTube and is also featured as one of the songs on the 2018 version popular dance game, Just Dance. HyunA brings both sexy and cute with “Bubble Pop,” and the music video amplifies the summer theme with its beach and tropical settings. It’s a very fun track that is well-suited for the summer, and another guaranteed song that will get stuck in your head. (Challenge: Can you spot the cameo from a popular idol-turned-actor in the music video?)

“Party” - Girl’s Generation

When it comes to summer, one of the best things to do is party with friends and loved ones. That is exactly what Girls’ Generation expresses in their hit-song “Party,” where they share the message of having fun and enjoying the summer. Summer is a time to hit the beach, enjoy the waves, and go out and have a refreshing drink. The music video features all the members of Girls’ Generation having a good time, partying it up by the beach and the pool. “Party” is another fun and catchy song, and that makes it perfect for the summer. Will it be going on your summer playlist as well?

“Hands Up” - 2PM

While this is not necessarily summer-themed, 2PM’s “Hands Up” is definitely fit for those summer dance parties. Like the other songs mentioned in this edition of Summer Throwbacks, “Hands Up” is an addicting and catchy track from the JYP Entertainment boy group. While many are used to seeing the sexy and “beastly” idols, “Hands Up” is one of their songs where fans can see 2PM let loose and have fun. Overall, this is a great party/dance track that will have you putting your hands up in the air along with 2PM. Check out the music video for “Hands Up” below and let loose!

Summer isn’t over just yet, so make sure to tune in next week for another edition of Summer Throwbacks! There are still many more groups and songs to cover. You may see your favorite artist and song next time.