Group Highlight: Dreamcatcher

Group Highlight: Dreamcatcher

While still fairly new to the K-Pop scene, rookie girl group Dreamcatcher is garnering quite a bit of attention for their uniquely dark concepts that draw inspiration from classics such as The Shining. These darker concepts are often uncommon amongst girl groups, many of which tend to stick to cutesy performances for success in Korea. The switch up of this usual formula is quite refreshing, and Dreamcatcher does it best!

A Closer Look

Five of the current seven members of Dreamcatcher previously debuted in 2014 under the group name MINX. MINX had the more traditional cutesy vibe you would expect, and the group struggled to stand out amongst other rival rookie girl groups like MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, and SONAMOO. In November 2016 their label, Happy Face Entertainment, announced that the group would re-debut with two new members under their current name, Dreamcatcher, with a completely revamped image.

The Unique Concept

While K-Pop is known for drawing inspiration from many different genres, it’s still quite taboo to find a group that draws its sound from hard rock and metal influences. Dreamcatcher’s blend of pop, rap, and hard rock creates a very unique sound that draws more attention to them. The debut music video for “Chase Me” drew influence from legendary movie The Shining, creating a storyline similar to the eerie atmosphere of the film’s abandoned haunted hotel. Another point worth highlighting is that the music video release of “Good Night” continued the storyline from their debut, putting together a full narrative that continues on to their next release.

For anyone who went through a goth or punk phase like yours truly, the use of this dark concept is incredibly refreshing among a sea of cutesy comebacks. While I’m not against the use of cute concepts, I find the different aesthetics particularly alluring. Plus, it plays on my still-remaining gothic soul.

Besides the concept, Dreamcatcher has some interesting choreography for both “Chase Me” and “Good Night.” Both are quite reminiscent of the complex choreo performed by GFRIEND for “Rough” and “Fingertip.” With a great melody based in hard rock, stunning vocals and raps, the unique concepts, and excellently executed choreography, Dreamcatcher is certainly a group to keep your eye on!

Meet the Members

Stage Name: JiU (지유)
Birth Name: Kim Minji (김민지)
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Stage Name: SuA (수아)
Birth Name: Kim Bora (김보라)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Stage Name: Siyeon (시연)
Birth Name: Lee Siyeon (이시연)
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Stage Name: Handong (한동)
Birth Name: Han Dong (韓東)
Position: Vocalist

Stage Name: Yoohyun (유현)
Birth Name: Kim Yoohyun (김유현)
Position: Lead Vocalist

Stage Name: Dami (다미)
Birth Name: Lee Yoobin (이유빈)
Position: Main Rapper

Stage Name: Gahyeon (가현)
Birth Name: Lee Gahyeon (이가현)
Position: Vocalist, Maknae

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