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The Fashion Behind “Red Flavor”

On July 8, Red Velvet made a summer comeback with the release of “Red Flavor,” a bright, bubbly song about summer love. In the song’s music video, the girls appear with a vibrant, unique concept shaped by several different settings, a multitude of colors, and even… interviews with giant fruits! Red Velvet’s quirky and versatile image also makes itself known through the fashion seen in the music video. The girls rock a variety of different outfits, all of which evoke different images of the liveliness and joy associated with summer.

It’s hard to discuss each of the many outfits in great detail—the girls appear in a wide variety of group outfits during various scenes, each one coordinating with a different vibe. There are so many distinct “sets” of group outfits featured, in fact, that in one scene, the members are seen in outfits from three different sets, combining different color schemes and looks in one frame!

While the girls are seen in a wide array of styles, one thing remains consistent throughout all of these looks: they all enhance typical summer silhouettes with the use of bright colors, bold accessories, and a little touch of the unusual, falling in line with Red Velvet’s personality. Additionally, the girls mostly appear in three main sets of outfits, with other outfits making brief appearances in various scenes throughout the video.

In the first set of outfits, we see the girls bring a modern touch to a classic color palette of blue, red, and white. The colors, which evoke images of preppy brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, meet with cute and fresh summer fashion trends, such as cropped tank tops and high-waisted bottoms. This helps create a look that appears clean and polished that still suits the season’s warmth and vibrance. Joy, Wendy, and Irene are seen in cropped tank tops, while Yeri and Seulgi wear longer tank tops that are somewhat fitted at the top and flow out toward the bottom, creating a flowy, dress-like silhouette. Additionally, Joy and Irene wear high-waisted shorts and a high-waisted skirt, respectively, while Yeri and Seulgi are seen in shorts; meanwhile, Wendy is seen in high-waisted, slightly cropped blue pants. While no two members’ outfits are exactly the same, the girls combine fitted and flowy pieces to create a look that’s both refined and effortless. Finally, the girls top their outfits off with coordinating accessories, such as hair ribbons that feature the blue, red, and white color scheme.

In the second outfit, the girls are primarily seen in shades of pink, white, blue, and their signature color, red. While these outfits don’t have a lot in common with each other, they come together to give off a playful, almost childish look without seeming immature. Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Yeri are seen in bubblegum pink, seemingly echoing the classic branding of Barbie dolls and evoking images of youthful joy. Additionally, Irene’s tutu-inspired skirt and Wendy’s flamingo print shorts evoke similar images of playfulness and fun. Joy and Yeri’s outfits add touches of red to the entire look, appearing bold and vibrant against the bright pink and soft pastel shades.

The third set of outfits is the least coordinated yet most effortless and natural set to appear in the video. Each member is seen in something distinct, reflecting each girl’s individuality and allowing viewers to really picture them as guests at a summer house party rather than as perfectly styled, synchronized celebrities. Here, the girls embody the spirit of fun-filled summer nights by appearing in outfits that are colorful, unique, and dressy without being excessively formal. Yeri appears in a flowy yellow-orange dress that’s lively and trendy, while Irene rocks a more retro look with her high waisted pants and bustier top, which seems to echo the 60s and 70s. Joy’s look also appears to be retro-inspired in a high waisted gingham skirt and halter top, while Wendy and Seulgi appear to be in a printed romper and long, flowy tank top, respectively. These outfits offer a girl-next-door appearance that’s perfect for a fun night out with friends.

In “Red Flavor,” Red Velvet shows off how versatile they are by rocking a wide variety of outfits in bold, daring colors and fun, summery silhouettes. If you’re interested in trying out any of these looks, but don’t know where to start, just try to take a few notes from Red Velvet’s book! Don’t be afraid of trying bold colors, such as rich blues, vibrant greens, and cherry reds, and remember to accessorize with eye-catching pieces, such as large dangly earrings, statement shoes, or colorful ribbons. Have fun with it, and remember, you can find inspiration anywhere—perhaps, even, in a bowl of fresh, yummy fruit!