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Exceptional EXID Tracks

Veteran girl group EXID has been around since 2012 and has become a common household name with the success of their song “Up and Down.” With so many iconic title tracks, it’s no surprise there are quite a few gems on their most recent album releases.


The first track off of the most recent mini-album Eclipse, “Boy” is an interesting track that is a mix of soft R&B and newer EDM influences, which are especially apparent in the chorus. The harsh piano chords in the beginning of the song are out of character and catch attention immediately, pulling the listener toward the hook with Hani’s angelic vocals leading up to it. While I will always miss Solji’s powerful vocals, this more relaxed melody does a good job of playing to the vocal strengths of Hani, Hyerin, and Junghwa, and the softer nature of the track, despite the unconventional EDM influences thrown in, makes it a very nice and smooth song.


One of the more popular songs off of highly successful album STREET, “Cream” is a more upbeat pop-influenced song with a catchy rhythm. Fans may be familiar with this track not for its outwardly provocative lyrics, but for lyrics that include metaphors that certainly allude to provocative subjects. That aside, this is a solid dance track that even features rapper LE’s vocals in the chorus, which is not a common occurrence. If you’re here for a catchy dance beat and impressive vocals, “Cream” will certainly be a new favorite of yours.

Velvet (LE solo)

Part of the reason I absolutely adore LE is because she is not afraid to express herself. That shows in her solo track off of Eclipse, which is littered with overt innuendos that aren’t taken lightly in Korea. The melody has a sexy and chill vibe to it that complements the tone of her voice. Speaking of her voice, she seamlessly transitions between her usual rap style and softer singing that fits the melody perfectly.

3% (Solji solo)

While I am not known for choosing more ballad-influenced tracks, I am absolutely captivated by Solji’s solo off of STREET. There’s no denying that Solji has an incredibly powerful set of lungs, and the slower acoustic melody really allows those vocals to shine. “3%” is a beautiful song that perfectly fits a rainy day.

Of Course 당연해

Wrapping up the list with another light dance track, we have “Of Course 당연해” off of the album STREET. While the catchy and upbeat melody may suggest your standard love song, the lyrics actually portray anger at a significant other. I, for one, am here for the contrast between the lyrics and the melody, and I still find myself humming this track from time to time.