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MAMAMOO Adds a Touch of Purple

It’s been just under a month since MAMAMOO made their return with high-charting song “Yes I am.” Though MAMAMOO’s promotions have officially ended, it’s refreshing to look back and acknowledge the true meaning of “Yes I am.” Since their debut, MAMAMOO has always stayed clear of what’s popular and decided to do things their own way. “Yes I am” is the perfect example of why MAMAMOO is not only a group of role models for people worldwide but also for those in the music industry.

“Yes I am” Song & Message

“Yes I am” is upbeat, funky, and humorous, which is MAMAMOO in a nutshell. It is different from previous title tracks due to its creative approach and experimentation. The song is constantly changing its rhythm by going soft in the verses and gaining momentum leading up to the chorus. The line distribution is unique, with Moonbyul singing for the first time on a title track and Hwasa taking the lead rap. Wheein and Solar balance out each other’s tones as they harmonize throughout the chorus. MAMAMOO exudes confidence, aware of their true capability when it comes to being musicians.

The lyrics for “Yes I am” are the true reason for the song’s success. Due to its relatable and honest message, many people have connected with the song upon first listen. The lyrics talk about self-confidence and embracing your differences. Rather than changing the way you look, learn to accept yourself, the members muse. The same sentiment is repeated throughout the song “나로 말할 것 (As for Me),” with lyrics that are essentially MAMAMOO describing themselves. Each member talks about a different part they like about themselves, such as Solar and her chubby cheeks and Wheein and her bare, no-makeup face. What I love about this song is that rather than MAMAMOO merely singing about how confident they are, they want other people to follow along, too. It’s about inspiring others to feel good about themselves, hence why Solar sings “follow me” in the chorus. That sentence alone is a bridge between MAMAMOO and their MoMos.

Fashion In All Shapes and Sizes

One of the many contributing factors to MAMAMOO’s success is the members’ individualities. When it comes to fashion, Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein have their own styles. Not only that, MAMAMOO represents four different body types. “Yes I am” showcases the different personalities of each member through their outfits. Each member has a chosen color for them, which represents their personalities, such as Hwasa’s red representing bold and Solar’s pink symbolizing her girly personality. Even if someone were to view MAMAMOO for the first time, the members all have enough of a distinct color palette to distinguish them from one another.

In the last scene of the music video, MAMAMOO walks down a runway, which is a key point of the music video. The contrast of styles with each member was interesting to see, such as Solar’s sexy white outfit compared to Moonbyul’s classic masculine suit. It gave a sense of character to MAMAMOO, which is refreshing to see when it comes to groups. “Yes I am” highlights both the differences in the members and how they appreciate one another.

Curtain Call for MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO is known for their incredible live vocals, so anticipation was high when it came to promotions. What is always refreshing about MAMAMOO is that they change up their performances to keep things interesting. Through ad-libs and choreography change, the group always shows quirkiness on stage. “Yes I am” was a burst of color on stage, which was perfect for the summer heat. Every performance had its own charm, either through vocals, outfits, or funny ad-libs. The fanchants could be heard from miles away, with MoMos showing their full support for MAMAMOO. Marking their final music show performance, MAMAMOO wore black outfits (with a hint of color in shoes or random patterns), which I thought was a unique way to end promotions. It proved that “Yes I am” didn’t need all the glitz and glamour to succeed—just powerful vocals and humor. Without striking outfits, MAMAMOO still stood out on stage as MoMos chanted along to the song. I enjoyed how MAMAMOO prepared every stage with something new to simultaneously keep fans interested and make people curious.

“Yes I am” will definitely hold a place in people’s hearts due to its powerful message. It was a risk in the style of music the group performed, but it also allowed people to see a new side of MAMAMOO. The song also won on six music shows, which is a record for the girl group. In the end, it proves that confidence is the key to success.