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Throwback Thursday: Summer Throwbacks Part 2

Summer is in full force, and we are all looking for that perfect summer playlist that goes well with heading to the beach, jamming out during those summer house parties (or just jamming out at home with the volume on full blast), and those spontaneous, adventurous road trips to wherever your heart desires. Last week, we started off our Summer Throwback series with some great songs, and now we are back with some more! Make sure to jot these down and get them on your playlist!


In need of a song that will get everyone up off the couch and dancing? The widely-popular girl group 2NE1 has just the song for you! “Do You Love Me” is an EDM/pop song that has an addictive chorus and beat that will surely get everyone going. Like in the music video, which features the members having fun and partying it up, 2NE1 brings the fun with this perfect summer song. While it is sad that the YG Entertainment girl group officially disbanded earlier this year, we’ll still continue to share what they have brought to the K-Pop industry. Have no worry—this iconic girl group will surely show up once again on regularly scheduled Throwback Thursdays. For now, enjoy this high-energy summer song, “Do You Love Me,” by 2NE1!

“Roly Poly” - T-ara

Looking for something fun and groovy? T-ara’s “Roly Poly” is another catchy song to add to your summer playlist. Heavily disco-pop-influenced, this song is what put T-ara on the map in the K-Pop music industry. While they released other great songs prior to “Roly Poly,” because of its addictive hook and easy-to-follow choreography, this became one of the most popular songs of 2011. “Roly Poly” is a classic amongst K-Pop fans, and the group even has several versions of the song, all guaranteed to get stuck in your head! Check out T-ara’s “Roly Poly” and follow along with their incredible choreography!

“A” - GOT7

Marking their first ever comeback, GOT7 makes it onto this week’s Summer Throwbacks with “A.” The idol boy band has come a long way since their debut, but it is always fun to look back at their past releases in order to take a trip down memory lane. “A” is another song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. It is a bright and refreshing song, and one that makes many fans totally wish that they were the one being chased after. (Challenge: Which TWICE member was followed by the members of GOT7 throughout the music video?). Like the other songs listed on our Summer Throwbacks, “A” is perfect for those summer house parties, and the setting of the music video itself screams “summer vibes.” Make sure to include GOT7’s “A” on your playlist!

“We Like 2 Party” - BIGBANG

Though this song is considerably recent compared to the rest of the songs on Summer Throwbacks, BIGBANG’s “We Like 2 Party” is still the perfect summer anthem fit for days out on the town, nice car drives, and lazing around on the beach. While we are all fond of the bangers that the veteran idol group has put out, it is not often that fans get to see a more fun, chill side of BIGBANG. The music video shows all the members together, enjoying their free time. Many are used to seeing a more serious and charismatic side to the group, but “We Like 2 Party” is more natural and energetic. The song is perfect for the summer, especially when hanging out with friends and loved ones. And let’s be honest, we all wish we could have a huge slumber party with BIGBANG, as portrayed in the music video.

Summer isn’t over just yet, so make sure to tune in next week for another edition of Summer Throwbacks! There are still many more groups and songs to cover. You may just see your favorite artist and song next time.