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B.A.P Treats Fans to Solo Releases

Currently in the midst of their world tour for Boom! Party Baby, a few members of B.A.P have treated their fans to some special solo releases, as leader Bang Yongguk, Daehyun, and Jongup have released their own singles. Both Daehyun and Jongup have unveiled a special project album that contains their own solo songs, which allowed the members to continue on with official music show promotions, while Yongguk released a solo mixtape track. While this is not Yongguk’s first time dabbling as a soloist, the other members of B.A.P have not released solo work aside from songs they have performed on tour. With the release of a few B.A.P members’ solo work, there is hope that the other members will be releasing work of their own in the near future!

“Shadow” Feat. Zelo - Daehyun

Fans who attended their tour this year as part of Boom! Party Baby, have already had the opportunity to witness Daehyun perform this song live. It is not often that we get to hear studio versions of songs from tour performances, but with the announcement that Daehyun and Jongup would be releasing a project album from their concert, many fans could not help but be excited. “Shadow” is an EDM-pop song that is upbeat and funky, and one that also highlights Daehyun’s outstanding vocals. “Shadow” also features, Zelo, the maknae of B.A.P who provides a fast and smooth rap. Daehyun and Zelo go hand-in-hand in this great song. “Shadow” is about a man’s lover resembling a shadow. The song describes the struggle of trying to reach one’s significant other, though failing to do so as a shadow is something one can’t physically reach for. It is a rather sad song, but really catchy, nonetheless. It’s definitely one to add to your music library. Daehyun was the first to promote his solo song for the project album, going on to perform on several music shows, much to the delight of BABYz (B.A.P’s official fandom). Following the official release of “Shadow,” TS Entertainment released an official dance practice, also unveiling videos for fans to watch online. Fans sincerely hope that this will not be the last time Daehyun releases solo work for promotions in South Korea.

“Try My Luck” - Jongup

Just like Daehyun, Jongup’s “Try My Luck” was first introduced during their current tour. “Try My Luck” is an R&B/hip-hop track that oozes sexyness. To many fans, Jongup is known as the quiet and shy member of the group, but it is when he performs that he takes command of the stage. “Try My Luck” is about Jongup trying his luck at getting the attention of the person he likes. The song itself is straight to the point, yet Jongup manages to draw you in through his rap and vocals. Seeing as this song was released with the project album alongside Daehyun, Jongup was the next to promote his song through music shows. Like Daehyun, many BABYz came out to support the B.A.P member on his first solo stage. Similarly, you can find the official dance practice and dedicated video through the official TS Entertainment YouTube channel. While this is the second solo song that Jongup has unveiled (though he did not officially promote his first release), there is hope that, like Daehyun, this will not be the last time the B.A.P member releases and promotes his solo work in South Korea.

“YAMAZAKI” - Bang Yongguk

Prior to the release of his song and music video for “YAMAZAKI,” the B.A.P leader, Bang Yongguk, released several teasers via Instagram, leaving fans curious as to what he was planning. One teaser, in particular, was a certified warning that the music video was not suited for minors. Many fans are well-aware of the leader’s preference for mature themes and lyrics, so it came as no surprise that he would release yet another song that was not meant for younger audiences. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to B.A.P or have not listened to Bang Yongguk’s solo work (both old and new), you are in for a treat with his deep voice and killer rap and flow, all of which leave a lasting impression. The song itself has a simple beat, though its hook has an addictive quality. The lyrics to the song are about the alcoholic drink called Yamazaki. Through “YAMAZAKI,” Yongguk talks about taking a shot of the drink, explaining that it is his beverage of choice and one that allows him to feel strong, confident, and able to conquer obstacles that present themselves in front of him. He is clearly not letting anyone bring him down, and that is exactly what he portrays in both the song and music video.

With half of B.A.P having released solo projects, there is a lot of curiosity as to when the remaining half of the idol group will release their own songs. In the meantime, B.A.P is currently finishing up their world tour and simultaneously promoting their Japanese releases. The group is definitely keeping fans occupied this year with growing anticipation for their Korean comeback sometime in the near future!