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GOT7's Gems

It’s been quite awhile since JYP Entertainment group GOT7 has provided us with new music, and we miss them. With their upcoming appearance at KCON LA, why not take a trip back to some of their best tracks before the Flight Log series?

난 니가 좋아 I Like You

Almost undisputedly the best track off of GOT7’s first mini Got It?, “난 니가 좋아 I Like You” is still a fan favorite among many Aghases. The backing track that repeats the title is incredibly catchy, with the song starting off with a rare rap verse from maknae Yugyeom. The chorus, sung by JB and Jinyoung, is absolutely captivating, not just because of their sweet voices, but because of the lyrics as well, which go “you’re not flashy, but you softly glow like the moon in the night sky, like the flowers in the field. You seem plain, but you’re special like a gem that can be seen to people who know.” Honestly, whose heart wouldn’t melt at these words being sung to them from the lovely voices of JJ Project?

여보세요 Hello

Beginning with the infamous catchphrase “swagger like me” from member Jackson, “여보세요 Hello” is the first track that greets us on Got It? The song’s biggest attraction is heard almost instantaneously with the introduction of a deep-voiced rap provided by Yugyeom, which is not a sound heard frequently in many of the group’s other songs. The song is a perfect mix of rap and melody, with room to shine in the chorus for the vocalists, but it’s obvious the main focus is on the rappers of the group. The background harmony is quite catchy if traditional rap is your thing, and the raps of Jackson, Mark, BamBam, and even Yugyeom, really pull you in.

U Got Me

We are once again greeted with Jackson’s “swagger like me” in the opening track of the second mini-album, Got Love. This song is my favorite on the album, perhaps because it was used in the intro for their series, Real GOT7 Season 2. The catchiest part of the song is undoubtedly the rappers’ verses. Unlike most other songs by the group, the vocalists take over the bridge instead of the chorus. This song focuses more on the group’s hip-hop aspect than other tracks on the album do, which makes it unique.


I’ll come right out and say that I absolutely adore “Mine,” and it’s one of my favorites by GOT7 to this day. Just Right is an exceptional mini-album, but this song stuck out more than others. Youngjae’s vocals really shine in the chorus, finally putting him on par with his elder members Jinyoung and JB. The hip-hop infused pop track is incredibly catchy, but not in the obviously pandering way of accompanying track “Nice.” The blend of singing and rapping between all the members is unique for them, but it fits together perfectly with the backing track. BamBam’s iconic “I can’t just watch, I can’t lose you” in the chorus adds the perfect amount of flare to the vocal talent highlighted.

Tic Tic Tok

The best way to sum up the final song on the MAD mini-album would simply be “R.I.P Mark stans.” Would even the strongest stan be able to recover from his iconic “let me see you want me baby, let me see you do”? As your local Mark stan, my answer is a definitive NO. It’s rare to get a seductive sound from GOT7, so the addition of it on this album is particularly refreshing. The contrast in vocals between the chorus and regular verses is a nice touch to the already catchy track as well. If you’re looking for an upbeat pop sound, this song is right up your alley.