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Throwback Thursday: Summer Throwbacks Part 3

Summer is in full force, and we are all looking for that perfect summer playlist that goes well with heading to the beach, jamming out during those summer house parties (or just jamming out at home with the volume on full blast), and those spontaneous, adventurous road trips to wherever your heart desires. For the past two weeks, we have discussed two different sets of summer throwbacks, and now we are releasing our third and final (until next summer, that is) installment of Summer Throwbacks. With this being the last part for Summer Throwbacks, make sure to jot these down and get them on your playlist and enjoy the last days of summer!

“Caribbean Bay/Cabi Song” - 2PM & Girls’ Generation

In K-Pop it is not often that groups collaborate together on a song and music video. As both Girls’ Generation and 2PM were becoming even more popular at the time, the two idol groups came together to promote the water park, Caribbean Bay. What better way to spend the summer than going to the water park and having some fun, right? After the release of the music video, where all the members of each group make their cameos, more collaborations between 2PM and Girls’ Generation surfaced, making them one of the hottest collaborations of all time in K-Pop. The song is catchy and has a simple dance to follow along to (which the two idol groups perform), and it is definitely fit for the summer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hit up the pool or water park after watching these two groups have fun?

“Beautiful Night” - BEAST

Need another song to play at those summer hangouts and parties? “Beautiful Night” by BEAST (now known as Highlight) is definitely one of those songs that you must include in your library! It is a song that definitely gets the people up and jumping along to its upbeat and funky EDM beat. The music video itself features the BEAST members wearing bright and vibrant-colored clothing and having fun with a massive crowd in the city of New York. Fans who were able to attend KCON NY this year were able to see the group burn up the stage and party along as they performed this iconic song. Check out “Beautiful Night” down below and get ready to be jumping along with the idol group!

“View” - SHINee

SHINee once again makes an appearance on Throwback Thursdays but this time for their summer jam “View.” This song is perfect for any activity that is fit for the summer. Whether you’re relaxing by the beach, chilling around the house with friends, at a dance party, or embarking on a roadtrip, “View” has this addicting, repeat-worthy vibe that will definitely draw you in. The music video features the members of SHINee setting the perfect example of getting together with good company, having a few drinks, and enjoying the day. Summer is a time to hang out with friends without worries of school or some other important event the next day, and “View” has a carefree vibe that you can’t help but let loose to, which makes it a great song to add to your summer library!

“Touch My Body” - SISTAR

We could not simply end Summer Throwbacks without mentioning the “queens of summer concepts” (coined by many fans worldwide), SISTAR. The popular girl group has released several songs that are fit for the summer, however, “Touch My Body” remains as one of the top summer songs that they’ve ever released. With the ladies of SISTAR dressed in cute and colorful outfits, dancing around the pool and in a house party, this is another great example of how this song was made for the summer. Upon the release of “Touch My Body,” many idol groups have since covered the song. When one thinks of SISTAR and summer, one of the first things that comes to mind is definitely “Touch My Body” and how great this song and its music video are! Watch “Touch My Body” below and be prepared to sing and dance along with the queens of summer!