Group Highlight: ELRIS

Group Highlight: ELRIS

In light of the rather terrifyingly constant disbandment of girl groups in the news recently, it’s nice to finally be able to feature a piece on a new girl group debuting. If you’re looking for a new girl group fix, ELRIS has your back!

The Pre-Debut Journey

Members Sohee and Karin were participants of K-Pop Star Season 6 where Sohee finished in second place overall as part of the group KWINs. Before ELRIS’s official debut, Sohee released a solo single, “Spotlight,” and its music video. “Spotlight” garnered a lot of interest with Sohee’s impressive vocals and sharp dance moves. Karin was featured in the music video of Yesung’s “Paper Umbrella,” the title song from his second mini-album, and her soft, innocent visuals shined throughout the video. Little is known of Bella, Hyeseong, and Yookyung’s pasts compared to the other two members, but isn’t that half the fun of new groups?

HUNUS Entertainment’s First Girl Group

Home to hip-hop boy group Topp Dogg, HUNUS Entertainment has debuted their first girl group, ELRIS, on June 1. ELRIS released their first mini album We, First which is also the name of their title song. The group consists of five members: Bella, Hyeseong, Yookyung, Sohee, and Karin. An attention-grabbing factor of this rookie girl group is their group concept wherein each member embodies an element, with Sohee as the sky, Karin as the forest, Hyeseong as the wind, Yookyung as the water, and Bella as the heart. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a unique theme like this, hasn’t it?

We, First contains a total of five tracks: “Searching for ELRIS (Intro)”, “We, first”, “My star”, “Miracle”, and “You and I.” The members of ELRIS do a great job in capturing the innocent and soft look in their debut, with the soft pastel aesthetic of their video and the smooth, light vocals that accompany the visuals.

Meet the Members


Real Name: Choi Yoona
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthdate: December 31st, 1999
Fun Fact: She loves Yezi. (Girl, me too! She’s official my favorite.)


Real Name: Yang Hyeseong
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: October 15, 1999
Fun Fact: She filmed a chicken commercial with IU. (I don’t care what anyone says, I bet that was glamorous as hell. I approve.)


Real Name: Lee Yukyung
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthdate: November 5th, 1999
Fun Fact: She won the first place at Sungshin Women’s University’s competition for Korean dance. (Heck yeah girl, SLAY.)


Real Name: Kim Sohee
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group, Visual
Birthdate: December 31st, 1999
Fun Fact: She’s a huge fan of Apink’s Bomi. (Can’t blame her, Bomi is totally amazing.)


Real Name: Min Karin
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Birthdate: January 5th, 2002
Fun Fact: She drinks 1L of milk each day. (GIRL WHAT.)

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