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Weekly Charts: June 25-July 1

If there’s one thing that you learn from watching the charts week after week, it’s that you can never really expect anything to stay the same. I figured that after big hitters like BLACKPINK and MAMAMOO released last week, we would see some stability at least at the top of the charts. But oh man, was I wrong.

New Additions

Bumping down last week’s champions MAMAMOO and BLACKPINK to third and fourth respectively, Heize’s double title track release flew up to the top of the charts immediately. The former Unpretty Rapstar contestant dropped her new album, ///, on June 26. It became an instant sensation, seeing most of the five tracks enter the charts near the top.

The more popular of the two title tracks ended up being “You, Clouds, Rain,” which continues to hold all-kill status on the charts a week after its release. A summery slow jam to end all slow jams, the track is just light enough to make it an easy song to play on repeat. The music video is in black and white with a few occasional pops of color, making it a visually striking accompaniment to the song. 

The album’s second title track “Don’t know you” ended the week in second, finishing in the runner-up spot across all the major charts. Surprisingly, the track actually started out on top, with “You, Clouds, Rain” not even appearing in the top five. It’s even more interesting, considering “Don’t know you” is the more upbeat of the two tracks, that this song ended up being the second favorite. Normally, we see more uptempo songs reign supreme over the ballads, but Heize managed to flip that on its head. The track is still an easy listen, featuring solid vocals and a danceable beat that’ll make you groove in your seat.

Also entering the week’s top three was Apink with their latest comeback, “FIVE.” Releasing their album on the same day as Heize, the five-member girl group managed to make the best of a difficult situation. They entered the charts in third behind “Don’t know you” and MAMAMOO, and ended the week in seventh, coming in behind the two Heize tracks, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, bolbbalgan4, and G-DRAGON. Girl groups are notorious for being digital giants, so it’s no surprise that Apink has managed to hold on to a top 10 despite the lackluster reaction to the comeback.

Crush’s latest release has hovered around the top 10 mark this week, constantly moving around a few spots every hour or so. Interestingly, “Outside” hasn’t performed as well on MelOn, Mnet, and Naver as it has on Genie and Bugs. The track is a perfect example of how drastically audiences vary across all of the different Korean streaming services. While MelOn is the streaming giant that inevitably counts the most when it comes to things like digital consideration for award wins, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only one out there.

Notable Trends

Former I.O.I member Chungha’s solo debut single “Why Don’t You Know” has managed to hang around in the top 20 for a month now. Chungha has mentioned during her promotions that she’s not sure she would’ve had the opportunity to debut as a solo artist if it weren’t for her success in the first season of Produce 101. While it’s hard to say for sure what her company would have done if she hadn’t made it into I.O.I, it’s clear the Korean public is glad that she made her solo debut nonetheless. From the song’s laid-back, catchy beat to the music video’s slightly trippy summery vibe, she made a solid debut, and that’s definitely showing on the charts.

Tied with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” for the oldest song still in the top 25 is “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow,” Ailee’s hit song from the Goblin: The Lonely and Great God OST. Released back at the beginning of January, this particular track from the show’s soundtrack has shown impressive staying power, even for an OST hit. Now over six months later, the song is still hovering toward the bottom of almost every chart’s top 25.

Which tracks are you excited to see on the charts? Are there any that are about ready to fall from the top? Let us know in the comments below.