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Red Velvet's Best B-Sides

The recently released news of Red Velvet preparing for another comeback has got me super pumped to see what they have in store for us. Red Velvet is an extremely versatile group that has managed to master many different aspects of music that formulate the K-Pop genre, and that is certainly true even amongst their lesser known songs.


While it seems like nothing could quite compare to the release of “Ice Cream Cake” with the group’s first mini-album, “Automatic” is a gem that gives the title track a run for its money. “Automatic” has a completely different vibe from the retro and upbeat vibe of “Ice Cream Cake,” instead aiming for a smooth jazz tone that is complemented by the gorgeous vocals that Red Velvet never fails to deliver. The song is definitely one of the best the quintet has released thus far.

Huff n Puff

Following the hit title of “Dumb Dumb” on the group’s first full album The Red is the strangely intriguing track “Huff n Puff.” I’m sure that the title has made a quizzical look appear on your face as you attempt to figure out what exactly the song entails. It continues the upbeat pop sound of the album’s previous track and is accompanied by lyrics and choreography that adds to its already mystical sound. This chorus is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head after only one listen.

Cool Hot Sweet Love

Now, I am a firm believer that “Cool Hot Sweet Love” should have absolutely been the title track for the second mini-album, The Velvet. This song is reminiscent of “Automatic,” but with an even dreamier sound. Perhaps I’m just incredibly biased towards the smoother R&B sounds that Red Velvet produces, but this song definitely deserves more attention.

Bad Dracula

Much like “Ice Cream Cake,” the backing track of “Bad Dracula” has got quite a unique sound in comparison to other K-Pop songs. The melody takes inspiration from the chiptune genre, and sounds like something you’d expect to hear blasting out of the Pac-Man machine at an arcade. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite fond of more unique sounds in music, though I wasn’t expecting Red Velvet to draw inspiration from chiptunes, of all places. However, it’s mixed with a bouncy jazz sound and a smooth beat that will surely get you moving.

Body Talk

I often have difficulty deciding which sound from Red Velvet I adore more: the slow and blues influenced melody, or the upbeat pop sound that gets me moving. "Body Talk” is a song that incorporates both of these elements, having a smoother sound in the verses that picks up speed in the chorus, giving you a bit more of a dancing melody. It’s not exactly slow and soft like “Automatic,” but it’s also not nearly as energetic as “Bad Dracula.” “Body Talk” finds a perfect balance between these two sounds, a feat not easily accomplished. Truly, the women of Red Velvet can do it all!