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Apink Strive High with “Five”

Apink has graced us with their presence once again, this time with their new mini-album, Pink Up, and title track, “Five.” It’s been just over nine months since Apink’s last comeback, but the group has remained busy with solo activities.

Though Apink has returned with happy faces, the members have been facing a difficult time in the past few weeks. On June 14, Apink received death threats from an unknown man. The man rang the police saying he would kill the members at exactly 9:00 p.m., as he knew they would be practicing (which the members were). Police arrived at the scene at 8:30 p.m., but the man never showed up. Though a search warrant was issued, the man was never found in the following days. Plan A Entertainment assured fans that Apink was safe and the company would take legal action, but it still worried people as the man was essentially free. Nevertheless, Plan A went ahead with the comeback schedule rather than halting the group’s promotions.

(Source: Plan A Entertainment)

To cheer people up, Apink had a creative way of raising anticipation. One of the most exciting parts about a group's comeback is the teaser pictures. These pictures not only hint about the concept, but they also get people talking. Instead of usual pictures, Apink released motion teasers for each individual member. Though short and sweet, it was an interesting way to promote the upcoming comeback. Apink eventually released normal teaser photos along with a music video teaser. Oddly enough, all the teaser photos put together look like five concepts mixed into one (which is why they might have gone with “Five” for their comeback). They didn't really indicate what the exact concept was, which can either be a good or bad thing. The mystery keeps people talking, though with a lot of confusion added in. Apink wasn't finished teasing fans just yet, as they appeared on the hit variety show Knowing Brothers and performed the chorus for “Five.” Apink on any variety show is sure to gain popularity (as they are hilarious), and this sneak peek performance was similarly received with praise.

(Source: Plan A Entertainment)

On June 26, Apink released their title track, “Five,” along with their sixth mini-album, Pink Up. “Five” is about falling in love, though the man is unsure of his feelings. The Apink members want to be with this man, saying it’s as easy as “1 2 3 4 5.” The line distribution should be considered when listening to “Five.” Sometimes Apink’s songs can be predictable, but “Five” highlights Hayoung and Namjoo’s true capabilities, and that’s what makes the song stand out among other Apink title tracks. The music video adds an intriguing factor to the song. It seems as though the members are playing a board game (though the prize isn't showcased), rolling the dice in the hopes of moving on the board. It’s possibly a reference to the number five winning the game, or simply just a fun game. With their signature pastel colors, Apink has also upgraded their signature sound.

Though their teaser videos gained praise, the song itself was met with tough criticism. Many felt the song was too similar to their hit single, “L.U.V.” Upon first listen, the two songs sound alike, especially during the chorus. However, “Five” has its own original charm to it, such as the “wayo wayo wayo wa” ending each chorus. It’s definitely a song where the more you listen to it, the more you enjoy it. Not only that, but Apink has had to compete with other girl groups, such as BLACKPINK and MAMAMOO. When Apink was asked how they felt about competing with other girl groups, Hayoung shared “I hope these promotions won’t be a girl group war but a girl group party.” Girl power always wins!

(Source: Plan A Entertainment)

On the day of Apink’s showcase, the same man who had previously threatened the group threatened to bomb the showcase venue only hours before the group was to perform. Police reached the venue and searched for any suspicious items and, fortunately, nothing was found. Plan A decided to continue with the showcase, but security was extremely tight. Leader Chorong thanked fans and the police for making them feel safe and giving them support (Chorong is an incredible leader, it should be noted). Regardless, Apink put on an incredible showcase and proved to people that nothing will stop them from performing. Though Apink has faced such horrible circumstances, they have continued to bring joy to their fans worldwide. Excluding the drama, “Five” has that signature sound that only Apink can achieve.