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Crush Really Wants to Go Outside

Everyone rejoice, the K-R&B king, Crush, has blessed the world with three summer jams. On June 30, the beloved artist released an album with three fun and upbeat songs and two music videos. Whether a fan of Crush or just a fan of his dog, there’s top-quality content for all.

(Source: Amoeba Culture)

Summer Love

Crush has become my summer love this year because of Outside and this song. If you haven’t been feeling the summer season just yet, “Summer Love” will surely bring on those hot and excited feelings. The song is the perfect track to play in a car while taking a relaxing drive to the beach (if you’re lucky, unlike myself who is nowhere near the ocean). The beat is very reminiscent of a Korean hip-hop song, but Crush’s smooth R&B vocals lighten up the track—a certified recipe for perfection.

Feast your eyes on the cool cutie that is Crush. Shots of Crush on the beach, in a car cruising, and later in a forest come together to create the music video. There’s no story, just outdoor panoramas of scenery that might just make you want to go outside… might. It may not be much, but it delivers on its goal of re-creating the feelings of summer.

Outside (feat. Beenzino)

“Outside” is my favorite song on this three-track album. The intro is top-notch, the build up is top-notch, and the flow is top-notch. Basically, everything is just perfect. Plus, I can always appreciate the addition of Beenzino. Fans of K-R&B and K-Hip hop must listen to this track. While “Summer Love” showed you how beautiful the outside can be, this song will MAKE you actually want to leave your bed, open the door, and walk outside. Yes, say goodbye to aestivation (fancy word for summer hibernation), which most of us fall guilty to, and take this song out for a walk. You won’t regret it. Besides, how can you say no to Crush (and his dog) who is just begging to go outside?

(Source: crush9244 on Instagram)

Goodbye, Crush! Now it’s time for 두유 (Doyou) to shine. Crush’s beloved white pup, who very often graces his Instagram page, is the star of this music video. The story begins with Crush telepathically communicating with Doyou, who asks to go outside. Crush, like most of us, wants to stay inside and work instead. Doyou then decides to, well, hit him with a baseball bat (and at this point he turns into a human with a dog head). So naturally, Doyou goes outside on an adventure that no one could ever dream of happening to themselves, let alone a dog. Doyou first decides to pack up and leave the country (with Crush in his suitcase, of course, ‘cause why not?). Thus begins Doyou’s bucket list, which includes things such as: cliff-diving, sky-diving, spending Crush’s money, and going a bit too hard at a party. Basically, you’ll never see Doyou in the same adorable way again.

Don’t Be Shy (feat. Sik-k)

The last track, “Don’t Be Shy,” is just as summer-inducing as the last two. It again incorporates the formula of a hip-hop beat with sexy R&B vocals, as well as Sik-K’s rap. Honestly, the other two songs are better in my opinion, but this one is still great. Maybe it does not leave as much of an impression because it does not have a music video but, even so, there are some great highlights. Crush in falsetto? Sign me up ASAP. There’s lots of smooth falsettos from Crush throughout the song.

Outside as a whole album is one you will listen to from beginning to end, simply because all of the songs are of great quality and they all fit together so well. “Don’t Be Shy,” just like the others, is the kind of song you want to listen to when outside or simply in a car on a sunny day. Seeing as the album is doing well on the charts, it’s safe to say that more people other than just Crush (and his dog) want to go outside this summer season. So, have you been convinced yet? Time to find those old sneakers and head outside.