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Throwback Thursday: Solo Artists

Welcome to The Kraze’s weekly column, Throwback Thursday! What is Throwback Thursday, you may ask? The Kraze is throwing it back to great releases from different artists and groups each week, giving some fans a trip down memory lane while simultaneously introducing newer K-Pop fans to hit songs and artists they may have never heard of before!

Last week we featured a few throwback hits from popular girls groups. This week’s Throwback Thursday features a few veteran solo artists in K-Pop! This time we will cover BoA, Lee Hyori, and Rain! These selected artists have greatly contributed to the music industry, and many idols today look up to these soloists as inspiration, often covering their songs to pay homage to their legacies. Each of these artists has made an impact on the K-Pop scene, leaving lasting memories for future generations of K-Pop idols to treasure.

“Eat You Up” - BoA

The first ever idol to debut under SM Entertainment, BoA (short for Best of Asia) entered the music industry in 2000. BoA has been active in both the South Korean and Japanese music scenes and has numerous albums and awards under her belt. With soon-to-be 17 years of experience, BoA has definitely made a name for herself. Most recently she served as a mentor for Produce 101 Season 2 and has released another single, “CAMO,” with SM Entertainment. “Eat You Up” was released in 2008 to coincide with her debut into the U.S./North American music industry later in 2009. The track is entirely in English and showcases the power and talent of BoA, becoming a classic from the artist. From strong vocals to clean choreography, the music video coupled with the song itself is an iconic moment (though not the only one) in her career thus far. If you are not familiar with this track, you should definitely give it a listen, and it is highly recommended that you listen to BoA’s other releases as well.

“U-Go-Girl” - Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori originally began her career in first-generation K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L in 1998, but with the disbandment of the girl group in 2002, Lee Hyori began her solo career not long after. Aside from her decorated music career, she is also hailed for her great variety skills. Most recently she released her sixth highly anticipated studio album, Black. Released in 2008, “U-Go-Girl” has a  fun, sexy, and colorful music video, being one of Lee Hyori’s most iconic releases to date. Since its release, many girl groups, such as TWICE, KARA, and Girls’ Generation, have covered the song. The classic track is catchy and addictive, and one that will have you up and dancing along! Check out Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” down below!

“Rainism” - Rain

If BoA and Lee Hyori are considered the “Queens of K-Pop,” then Rain (Bi) is dubbed the “King of K-Pop.” Debuting in 2002, Rain has also had a long and successful career in both the music and acting industry. While Rain has dropped several hit songs, “Rainism” is one of the many classics he has released. Idol groups such as GOT7, BTS, and MBLAQ have all paid tribute to the solo artist by covering this song. There is an addictive quality to the track that makes it similar to those listed in this week’s Throwback Thursday. The dance itself is legendary within the K-Pop scene, and the moment that Rain does come on, many are already up and out of their seats singing and dancing along. You will definitely not be disappointed in “Rainism.” It is highly recommended that you check out more of Rain’s music, as well as music from the other artists that are listed!

And that concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! There are still many more groups and songs to cover, so stay tuned for next week’s segment. You may see your favorite artist and song next time!