Comeback Schedule: August 2017

Comeback Schedule: August 2017

Dates Confirmed

GFRIEND - August 1

After mentioning in late June that the group would be making a comeback in July, Source Media officially revealed the date of GFRIEND's comeback on July 20 via an announcement image shared on Twitter. The group then shared their first group teaser image on July 21. The group released their track list at midnight on July 22 and three new group teaser images on July 23. Individual teaser images for Yerin were released on July 24, followed by Yuju, Umji, Sowon, SinBand Eunha. The group also shared their comeback teaser video on July 26. The group started releasing a second set of individual teasers on July 27. They also shared their music video teaser on July 30. The group released an album highlight medley, as well as a few final teaser photos on July 31 before their music video was released on August 1.

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Samuel - August 2

Brave Entertainment announced that Samuel would be making his solo debut almost immediately after his elimination in the final round of Produce 101 Season 2. A minute and a half thank you/teaser video was released on Samuel's new YouTube channel on June 20. However, it wasn't until July 10 that Brave Entertainment announced his official debut date, along with the track list for his first mini-album, SIXTEEN, on their Facebook page. The track list showed that Samuel's debut single will also be called "Sixteen" and features rapper Changmo. Brave Brothers shared a sneak peek from Samuel's music video shoot in Japan on his Instagram on July 12. Samuel released his official album cover and track list via his Instagram on July 17. He also released the first teaser photos for his comeback on July 28 on Instagram. His second set of teasers dropped on July 29 and the third set on July 30. He released his first music video teaser on July 31.

N.Flying - August 2

A source from FNC Entertainment revealed on July 12 that N.Flying would be making an August comeback. This will be the group's first comeback with new member Yoo Hoeseung, a former contestant on Produce 101 Season 2. The group announced their comeback date on July 23 with the opening of their teaser site. Their comeback schedule was also released at the same time. The group's first teaser image was revealed on July 24, showing all five of the members together for the first time. They revealed their first music video teaser on July 27 and their first unlock stage images on July 28. The group released their album spoiler and track list on July 30. Their second music video teaser was shared on July 31, leading up to the reveal of their music video on August 2.

ONF - August 2

WM Entertainment's newest boy group, formerly referred to simply as "WM Boys" now have a name and debut date! The agency announced on July 14 that the group would be named ONF (pronounced like "On 'n Off" in Korean). Then on July 25, the group announced they would be debuting on August 2 with the release of their first mini album, ON/OFF. The first teaser photos were also revealed via the group's official Twitter account. The album's track list was revealed on July 26, followed by individual teasers on July 27 and the album spoiler on July 28. Their music video teaser dropped on July 29, followed by a second set of individual teasers on July 31. The group dropped their debut music video for title track "ON/OFF" on August 2.

CLC - August 3

After Cube Entertainment confirmed that CLC would be making a late July/early August comeback, they announced the official date via the group's first teaser on July 17. Fans didn't need to wait long for more news, because the next day, the group shared their comeback schedule. The group released both individual and group image teasers on their Twitter account at midnight on July 21. They shared a second set of teaser images on July 24, followed by their first video teaser on July 25, which featured former Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Yoo Seonho. The second video teaser, also featuring Seonho, was released on July 27, followed by the album guide later that day. On July 28, the group released the album's track list. Fans had to wait three days for the next teaser, an album audio snippet video released on July 31. The group shared notification-style teaser photos on August 1, followed by a music video teaser on August 2. 

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Nine Muses - August 3

Only a month after the group's last comeback, Star Empire Entertainment released a teaser for another Nine Muses comeback on July 19. Accompanying a repackaged album, their next comeback track will be titled "Love City." The group released a teaser image and their comeback schedule on July 25, followed by a music video teaser on July 28. The first teaser photos of the girls, titled the "City Version" series, were released on August 1, sharing both group and individual shots. The second set of photos, the "Love Version" series, was released at the same time.

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Girls' Generation - August 4

It was revealed in early July that Girls' Generation would be making their first comeback in two years in August. The group announced via Twitter that they would officially be coming back on August 4 with double title tracks. The physical album, however, won't be released until three days later. Individual teasers started being released the same day, beginning with Yoona. She was followed by TiffanyYuri, HyoyeonSooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Sunny. The group then revealed it's first title-track-specific teaser, a music video teaser for "Holiday" on August 3, followed by the music video teaser for "All Night" the next day. SNSD also shared their album cover art on August 4.

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WINNER - August 4

YG Entertainment's WINNER is trapped in the dungeon no more! The agency confirmed that WINNER is preparing for an August release, just four months after their last comeback with "Really Really." YG announced the groups official comeback date on Twitter via the first teaser image for this comeback. A second teaser image was released on July 28, providing more details about the title track, "Love Me Love Me." Physical album details were revealed on July 31, followed by a third teaser image on August 1. The group's first individual teasers were shared on the same day. The first music video teaser for "Love Me Love Me" was released on August 2, followed by the album's track list, a group teaser photo, and another set of individual teasers. The group then released another music video teaser on August 3, this time for their second title track, "Island." They also revealed another set of group and individual teaser photos.

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Wanna One - August 7

After being selected as the final 11 winners of Produce 101 Season 2, Wanna One began their preliminary schedules almost immediately. However, it wasn't until July 5 that YMC Entertainment revealed the group's official debut date. They also revealed that Wanna One will perform a "show-con" (short for showcase-concert combination) at the Gocheok Sky Dome for their debut performance. Fan club presale on July 12 recorded over 530,000 connections to Interpark, in turn crashing the site temporarily. All available presale tickets sold out in one minute. Also on July 12, YMC Entertainment announced that Wanna One will be releasing at least two music videos for their debut, with more being discussed.

Individual concept teaser videos started being released on July 17 with Minhyun, followed by Jihoon, JaehwanGuanlin, DaehwiJinyoung, JisungWoojin, Seongwoo, Sungwoon, and finally Daniel. Each video featured clips from the group's two title track choices, "Burn It Up" or "Energetic," which Korean fans could vote on until July 27. Once voting ended, Wanna One released a music video teaser that showed short snippets from each of the two choices' videos. The full track list was revealed on July 31.

Individual teaser photos, featuring one photo to match each potential title track's theme, were released starting on August 1 with Jaehwan, Woojin, Jihoon, and Jisung. Guanlin, Jinyoung, Seongwoo, and Daehwi were released on August 2, and Daniel, Sungwoon, and Minhyun were released on August 3. The group also released the album cover photos for both their Pink and Sky version, as well as announced that "Energize" had won the vote to pick their debut title track. The music video teaser for the track was released, revealing that the track received over two million votes.

Weki Meki - August 8

Fantagio's newest girl group is gearing up to debut. Weki Meki released their first individual teaser photos on July 24, also revealing the name of their mini album as WEME. They then released their first group photo on July 25. Their second round of photos, this time coming in four pair shots and another group photo, dropped on July 27 and 28. Details about the physical album were revealed on July 31. The name of the group's debut title track, "I don't like your girlfriend," as well as their first music video teaser, was released on August 2. The group shared the album track list on August 3 and an album spoiler on August 4. A second music video teaser for "I don't like your girlfriend" was released on August 5. The group then released a D-1 teaser on August 7.

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BOYFRIEND - August 9

Starship Entertainment announced on July 25 that BOYFRIEND would be making their first full comeback since 2015. They shared a teaser image along with the mini album title, NEVER END, via the group's Twitter. Their comeback schedule was revealed on July 26, followed by individual teaser photos for Donghyun on July 27, Jeongmin on July 28, Youngmin on July 29, Hyunsung on July 30, Minwoo on August 1, and Kwangmin on August 2. The group then revealed a group teaser photo and the album's track list later on August 2. The music video teaser for their title track "Star" was released on August 4. Their album spoiler was released on August 7.

gugudan oguogu - August 10

gugudan's first official sub-unit is arriving this month! Announced on July 26, gugudan oguogu is a duo consisting of members Hyeyeon and Mina. The announcement was accompanied by a GIF teaser. A second teaser released on July 28 revealed the name of the duo's first title track, "ICE CHU." The sub-unit's release schedule was announced on July 30. Individual concept photos for Mina and Hyeyeon were revealed on August 1, as well as the duo's first group photos. The online cover image was also released later that day. A second set of concept photos were released on August 2. Quick, 10-second video teasers were released for Hyeyeon, Mina, and the pair together on August 4. The music video teaser for their comeback was released on August 7

Sonamoo - August 14

TS Entertainment announced that Sonamoo would be releasing a three-month series, starting in August. While the first teaser was released on August 2, no official date for their comeback has been announced. Individual teasers were revealed on August 3, followed by a second group teaser on August 7. The group then revealed the trailer for the first part of their HAPPY BOX project on August 10, which also revealed the group's comeback date as August 14.

Taeyang - August 16

The BIGBANG vocalist is coming back, this time smack dab in the middle of his WHITE NIGHT tour. YG Entertainment announced on August 7 that Taeyang would be making a mid-August comeback, releasing his new album, also titled WHITE NIGHT, on August 16.

The soloist released an "Intro" MV on August 9, acting as almost an extended teaser for his upcoming single. He then revealed the name of his comeback single, "Darling," as well as more information about the track, in a teaser shared on August 10. Details about a second track from the album, "Wake Me Up," were revealed on August 11. The music video teaser for "Darling" was released on August 14, followed by the reveal of the three album cover options. The full album tracklist, paired with an audio snippet, was shared on August 15, followed by the music video teaser for "Wake Me Up" a few hours later. Fell details on what was included in the physical album were only revealed after it officially hit the market, making it a complete surprise for anyone who preordered.

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NCT Dream - August 17

The NCT sub-unit announced their comeback via their new Twitter account on August 9, releasing an individual teaser clip and photos for Mark. The posts also revealed the name of the new album, We Young, which is the group's first mini-album. Chenle's clip and photos were released on August 10, followed by Jisung on August 11, Haechan on August 12, Renjun on August 13, and Jeno on August 14. The group then revealed two sets of group photos on August 15 and their first teaser clip (as well as a Chinese version) on August 16. The first full group photo was also shared on August 16. A more beachy, fun version was shared a few hours later.

DIA - August 22

The group announced on August 8 that they would be making a late-August comeback via a cryptic teaser image. They also revealed their comeback time table. A few hours later, they shared their first group concept teasers. Fans then had to wait a few days before seeing the first music video teaser on August 11. DIA then focused on revealing individual teasers, starting with Chaeyeon, followed by Jueun, Huihyeon, JennySomyi, Eunjin, Eunice, Eunchae, and Yebin. In the middle of that, the group released the album's track list on August 14 and a set of group photos on August 18.

Pristin - August 23

The fresh new girl group from Pledis Entertainment made a surprise announcement on August 5 with the release of their comeback schedule. The over two and a half week schedule laid out the details for the group's first ever comeback. The In/Out image teasers were released on August 7, showing a "school's in" versus "school's out" vibe without revealing much else. The group then revealed individual teasers starting on August 8, sharing both In version (Xiyeon, Rena, Kyulkyung, Sungyeon, Nayoung, Yuha, Roa, Eunwoo, Yehana) and Out versions (Xiyeon, Rena, Kyulkyung, SungyeonNayoung, Kyla, Yuha, Roa, Eunwoo, Yehana). They then released two group photos on August 13, an in version and an out version.

Full album details were shared on August 15. A postcard preview was revealed on August 18, followed by the album's track list the next day. The group then went full video mode, releasing a pre-teaser on August 20, the album highlight medley on August 21, and a 20-second teaser on August 22.

VICTON - August 23

VICTON announced their comeback on August 14 with a teaser image. They announced the track list for the mini-album, titled Identity, on August 16. Individual teaser images were shared starting on August 17 with Seungwoo, followed by Subin, Heochan, Hanse, Sejun, Seungsik, and Byungchan. The group then released two group teaser photos on August 18. The first teaser video was released on August 21, then the album music teaser on August 22 and a second teaser video on August 23.

VIXX LR - August 28

As a surprise to everyone, Jellyfish Entertainment announced on July 19 that VIXX subunit VIXX LR would be making a comeback in August. This is the first comeback since the unit's "Beautiful Liar" debut in 2015. The duo announced the official comeback date, as well as the name of their title track, "Whisper," via a trailer released on August 14. The duo's release schedule was revealed the next day. The first day of teaser photos were three individual shots of Leo (aka Version L), and the second day were three individual shots of Ravi (aka Version R). Three group shots were released on August 18, then the album cover image on August 20.

Details about the physical album were also revealed on August 20. The track list for the album, also titled Whisper, was shared on August 21. The duo shared the album's highlight medley the next day, followed by ASMR lyrics spoiler videos (both an L version and R version). They then released a music video teaser on August 25, a "Version L" concept film on August 26, and a "Version R" concept film on August 27. 

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