Comeback Schedule: July 2017

Comeback Schedule: July 2017

Dates Confirmed

Red Velvet - July 9

SM Entertainment first teased Red Velvet's summer comeback with a fruit-filled image and the opening of the group's official Twitter account on June 29. There, they've posted various images and GIFs as teasers. The video teaser for the comeback was released on July 8 at 12 AM (midnight) KST.

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ONE - July 11

YG Entertainment's newest solo rapper, ONE, has had his debut teased since June 25, leaving just over two weeks between then and his debut date. Not giving fans even a slight chance to forget about him, YG shared a new photo teaser counting down to ONE's debut almost every day on their Twitter account.

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Zico - July 12

The first official teaser for Zico's latest comeback dropped at 10 PM KST on June 29, however the official date wasn't released until the second teaser dropped on July 2. This gave the Block B member about a week and a half to release teasers. Several photo teasers have been released on the Block B Twitter account, and the first video teaser was released on July 6. The video teaser for "Artist" was released on July 8, along with the album's track list. More teaser images were released on the Block B Twitter account from July 10 to the album's release on July 12.

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Jessi - July 13

We've been hearing whispers about a Jessi comeback for a bit now, but the rapper officially announced her comeback via her Instagram on July 3. Since then, she's released several different text and video teasers, also on her Instagram.

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WJSN - July 14

WJSN, otherwise known as Cosmic Girls, announced their comeback on July 5 with a summery, pool-themed version of their logo. They released a teaser photo the next day showing the girls at a water park, further confirming the fun-at-the-pool style theme. Individual 8-second videos for each member were released on their Twitter account on July 8. They released a video teaser for their title track "Kiss Me" on July 11.

HOTSHOT - July 15

Following members Ha Sungwoon and Noh Taehyun's success on Produce 101 Season 2, Ardor & Able announced that HOTSHOT would have a comeback for the first time since 2015. Since Sungwoon was chosen as a member of Wanna One, the group will be returning with only the remaining five members. Their comeback was confirmed on July 2, when Ardor & Able announced that their official comeback date would be July 15. Their comeback single is by Divine Channel, who have produced tracks for BTS, VIXX, EXO, HyunA, and more. It was announced on July 12 that the track is a future bass urban R&B song named "Jelly", and will feature choreography from Taehyun. The first official teaser photos were released via their Twitter account on July 14.

EXO - July 18

While SM Entertainment has insisted that EXO's next comeback will be in July and has confirmed that Lay will not be participating this time around due to conflicting schedules, a confirmed date has yet to be announced. Naver released a report that mentioned that EXO is scheduled to perform on KBS' Music Bank on July 21, hinting that maybe their comeback will be just before then.

On July 8, SM Entertainment opened up EXO's official Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo accounts and released three versions of the group's logo for the upcoming comeback. Fans were also encouraged to tweet one of three hashtags to unlock the first teaser video, all related to the group (#EXO), the album name (#TheWarEXO), or the comeback single name (#KoKoBop).

SM Entertainment confirmed the group's comeback date on July 10. They also began releasing individual video and image teasers on the same day via Twitter and YouTube, starting with Kai and followed by BaekhyunChanyeolSehunSuho, XiuminChen and D.O. SM Entertainment shared the official music video teaser half an hour before midnight on July 17.

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KARD - July 19

KARD's "official debut" has been coming for a while. I put that in quotes because, with three singles and a literal world tour already under their belt, it's hard to consider them as a group that hasn't debuted still. (Would that make them just extremely popular trainees?) Either way, KARD's official debut date was announced on June 29, giving the group just under three weeks to teaser their album. They've also released the album's track list and group photos on their Twitter account. KARD released their music video trailer on July 10. The group released physical album details on July 12 and an album teaser video on July 13. Still three days away from their release date, KARD dropped a 30-second point dance teaser video on July 16. The group shared a special teaser on July 17, featuring a minute and a half of their upcoming single.

Jung Yonghwa - July 19

FNC Entertainment announced on July 5 that CNBLUE leader and main vocalist Jung Yonghwa would be making his solo debut on July 19. The announcement, made via a teaser image, also included the name of the mini-album and title track. FNC continued to release teasers on Twitter, including a lyrics teaser, an interview teaser, and the comeback schedule. Jung Yonghwa's teaser site was opened on July 10, showing a tropical theme as a hint at what was in store for the comeback. An 18-second concept trailer for "That Girl" was released on July 11. The first set of teaser photos were released late on July 11. FNC Entertainment shared a second set of teaser photos, as well as a look at exclusive cover art, on July 12. The album's track list (cleverly called the "cocktail menu") and an album spoiler video were released on July 13. A short dance teaser clip was shared on July 15. The MV teaser for "That Girl" was posted at midnight on July 17.

Akdong Musician - July 20

Surprising everyone, a source from YG Entertainment announced on July 10 that the brother-sister duo of Akdong Musician would be making a July comeback. The first comeback teaser photo was released on July 13 and showed hands popping out of a bush, along with the official comeback date. Individual teaser photos, along with a GIF-like teaser video, were shared on July 14, followed by two group photos and another teaser video on July 15. YG Entertainment posted a third GIF-like teaser photo and image on July 16 which revealed the name of the comeback track, "Dinosaur." The music video teaser for the track was released lat at night on July 17. On July 18, YG Entertainment released another image teaser, this time for a track titled "My Darling." An album teaser image released on July 19 revealed that the duo's single album would feature two title tracks.

KNK - July 20

Just after shutting down rumors of Seungjun leaving the group, YNB Entertainment announced KNK would be releasing repackaged album GRAVITY, Completed on July 20. While they haven't explicitly mentioned a comeback, it's usually safe to assume that a new single will be released and promoted at least a little. They revealed their comeback schedule at midnight on July 8. The group revealed their first batch of individual photo teasers on July 10. Starting at midnight on July 12, they released individual video teasers for their title track "Rain." Seungjun's was posted first, followed by Youjin, Inseong, Jihun, and Heejun. The full music video teaser was released on July 13. The group shared the track list for their repackaged album on July 16. The album preview was released on July 17.

SNUPER - July 20

SNUPER revealed at midnight on July 8 that they would be making a comeback, releasing their comeback date along with their first teaser image. The group released their comeback schedule on their official Twitter account on July 11, followed by individual photo teasers on July 12 and individual "video posters" on July 13. A group video poster was released on July 16 and the teaser video at midnight on July 17. The group released physical album details on July 19.

Skull & Haha - July 22

The duo revealed on July 18 that they would be releasing a new digital single this month. The track is titled "Nora" and will feature Mad Clown and G.Soul. The jacket photo and music video were created in collaboration with W Korea and YGK+, with the video being directed by Kim Woo Jae, who has previously worked on VIXX's "Shangri-La" and BoA's "Camo" videos. The duo released a music video teaser on July 19.

MYTEEN - July 26

Music Works Entertainment's new boy group has been mentioned for quite some time now. The group's reality show, MYTEEN GO, actually began airing back in January. Image teasers have been released sporadically through their official Twitter account, where they also released their debut teaser schedule. It's also been confirmed that VIXX's N choreographed their debut song. The group released their album cover art on July 18. Their official track list was revealed on July 20. The album highlight medley was also posted on July 20. The first music video teaser for "Amazing" was released at midnight on July 25, followed by the official debut the following day.

Dreamcatcher - July 27

Dreamcatcher announced their first mini-album, Prequel, with their comeback schedule on July 7. They released their first set of "Before" individual teaser images on July 10. They released a second set of "Before" individual teasers on the Twitter account on July 11. The first set of "After" individual teasers dropped on July 12, with the second set being shared on July 13. The first group photo teasers were released on July 14, showing both a "Before" and "After" style image. They also released a cryptic mystery code on July 16, and another on July 17. The group shared their track list at midnight on July 18. At midnight on July 20, the group released their first concept trailer for their title track, "Fly high." They released a second concept trailer just a day later, featuring a much darker tone than the first. Their album spoiler was released on July 24, and their MV teaser on July 25.

MXM - July 27

Im Youngmin and Kim Donghyun, the two Brand New Music trainees who were eliminated in the final stages of Produce 101 Season 2, will be making their official debut in late July as a unit project. Brand New Music announced on July 12 that they will release a single in late July and an album in late August. It was later revealed that two pre-release songs would be available on music streaming sites on July 27, one composed by Donghyun and the other composed by Wanna One's Daehwi. Brand New Music released a 40-second preview of the title track, "Good Day," on July 26. Because the two songs were pre-releases to tease their album that will be released in August, no music videos were revealed. However, the duo were featured as the cover of the "Hallyu Boy Bands" playlist on Spotify.

JJ Project - July 31

After sharing earlier in the year that JJ Project would be making a summer comeback, JYP Entertainment confirmed the duo's official comeback date on July 16 with a schedule announcement. The first two track cards were released on JYP Entertainment's Instagram on July 20, featuring an audio clip of Jinyoung on each. The second two cards were released on July 21 and the third set on July 22. The final four cards were released on July 23 and 24, followed by their physical album user guide later on July 24. Five individual teaser photos of JB were released on July 25, followed by five teaser photos of Jinyoung on July 26. Fans were treated to even more photos when the duo released seven more teaser photos of the pair together on July 27. The unit released the music video teaser for their title track, "Tomorrow, Today," on July 28 and their album spoiler on July 29.

Yongguk&Shihyun - July 31

Choon Entertainment announced on July 17 that former Produce 101 Season 2 contestants Kim Yongguk and Kim Shihyun would be debuting as a duo project named Yongguk&Shihyun. They also announced the official date of the duo's first album release. Choon released two teaser images as well as a brief video poster on July 19 teasing the duo's first fanmeet. Choon Entertainment released details on the duo's first mini-albumthe.the.the, on July 21. A full detailed promotion plan schedule was released on July 24, and the track list and first concept photos were released later that day. Choon Entertainment released another two teaser photos on July 25. An audio snippet from the album was released on July 26, followed by their first music video teaser on July 27 and the second on July 28.

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