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Welcome the Summer With Luxmartin

With the summer season comes the summer songs—you know the ones, right? Those great, mellow, “vibey” tracks that make us nod along to the beat and take us straight to the beach, even when we’re stuck in our bedrooms with air conditioning on full blast.

Though electronica artist Luxmartin (or 럭스마틴 in Korean) only has two songs out (yes, I checked; it’s quite disheartening, if I’m honest), you can already tell it’s his favorite type of track to put out. If you’re into toned down EDM and the like, the newly released “Feel the Same Way,” out since June 29, might become your next favorite song of the summer.

Starting with dreamy chords and a short guitar hook that hints at the beat, the vocals of featured artist Da Young then take over, soft in sound and lovely in tone. The first verse of the song is in English, detailing how much the singer misses her lover and doesn’t want to be left alone. As she sings, the track builds up, and right after the chorus, the tropical house beat so characteristic of Luxmartin’s sound is unveiled. Perfect for long drives on the highway (bonus points if your highway is right along the beach).

The only downside? There’s nothing much else aside from those two elements: the two verses and the chorus that follows each one. It makes the song short, too short, even (only two minutes and 28 seconds), and we’re left wanting to hear more at the end, maybe with some variation to the beat as well.

That’s one thing I don’t really feel when listening to Luxmartin’s (only) other song, “The Moment,” featuring Da Young once again. I personally prefer “The Moment”—the beat is more intricate, and so is the instrumentalization. Even though both songs have a distinct tropical house style, “The Moment” stands out as it offers more to the audience in terms of sound, even if it’s slightly repetitive as “Feel the Same Way” is. There’s also a bridge in “The Moment,” and though it isn’t quite different from the rest of the song, it’s still refreshing to hear.

Overall, both of Luxmartin’s songs are great, albeit a little too similar. But there’s no denying the young producer’s talent. If you want to hear more of what he’s capable of, check out his SoundCloud account. You can also find him on iTunes, Bugs, and Spotify as LUXMARTINE.