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GFRIEND’s Recent B-Sides

GFRIEND is the go-to girl group when it comes to light pop songs with strong vocals and sweet lyrics. While the group doesn’t often stray from what could be considered their signature sound, they’ve managed to master what they’re now best at without question.

두 손을 모아 (Ave Maria)

“두 손을 모아 (Ave Maria)” is the third track off the most recent mini-album, Parallel, and features an equal line distribution as well as a signature sound that is quintessentially GFRIEND. The song is a happy and light track that complements the title, “귀를 기울이면 (Love Whisper),” which precedes it. With a bit of a different feel from the title, yet still upbeat and catchy, “두 손을 모아 (Ave Maria)” rounds out the new mini-album.

그루잠 (Falling Asleep Again)

The final track on Parallel is a smooth R&B ballad “그루잠 (Falling Asleep Again).” While not often the style heard from GFRIEND, there is no doubt that the different genre fits their stunning vocals incredibly well, which really shine with the gentle melody. The track adds a softer aura to their image, often depicted as a happy-go-lucky concept, and is a treat to round out the mini-album.

비행운 (Contrail)

Off the fourth mini-album, The Awakening, comes our next pick, “비행운 (Contrail).” In contrast to the high-energy of title track “FINGERTIP,” “비행운 (Contrail)” follows with a lighter sound that features a more tamed electronic beat. The sweet love song lyrics that often accompany GFRIEND’s concepts can be found on this track as well.

봄비 (Rain in the Springtime)

Slowing it down with another ballad choice, “봄비 (Rain in the Springtime)” features the stunning vocals of member Yuju throughout the chorus. The mesmerizing love ballad is delivered with a sincerity that isn’t always heard in K-Pop songs, allowing the track have more of an emotional impact that coincides with the warm melody.

핑 (Crush)

“핑 (Crush)” is the final track off The Awakening, featuring the string sounds of an orchestra opening of the song, which isn’t often heard among GFRIEND tracks. The tempo quickly picks up to a familiar fast pace, combining with a bright melody that makes the song bouncy and cheerful. Members Yuju and Eunha really shine in the pre-chorus, with their gradually crescendoing voices making way for tension that gets you moving. A solid feature to close the mini-album out with, “핑 (Crush)” carries exactly the kind of sound you would expect from the talent of GFRIEND.