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Group Highlight: NCT 127

With KCON LA just a week and a half away, we thought it was time to take a deeper look at one of the highlighted groups of the event, NCT 127. One of the factors that differentiates this group from many others is their intricate and often eccentric choreography that’s been a staple in their routines since their debut.


Back when the group debuted with seven members and upon its release, “Firetruck” drew quite a bit of attention from those within the K-Pop scene. Members Taeyong, Jaehyun, Taeil, and Mark were familiar staples from their official debut in NCT U, with additional members WinWin, Yuta, and Haechan further added on to create the new group. Notable moments in the choreography include member WinWin flipping and jumping over the rest of the group, as well as maknae Haechan being carried by the members for his final verse. The routine was unique enough to captivate audiences and contribute in the skyrocketing of NCT 127’s popularity.


With comeback “Limitless,” members Johnny and Doyoung joined the septuplet to round out the current lineup. While it could be argued that “Limitless” has the least outstanding choreography compared to their other releases, the complexity of the routine was truly highlighted when the group performed it at 2x speed on Weekly Idol. Synchronization is more difficult with the addition of two members, but the group pulls off the motions flawlessly.

Cherry Bomb

“Cherry Bomb,” without a doubt, is the most erratic choreography NCT 127 has presented us with, but this doesn’t necessarily carry a negative connotation. Admittedly, there are a few moves where I’m still trying to figure out why anyone thought they were a good idea (that choreo during “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, yo,” though). However, the synchronization of each member is totally on point and truly mesmerizing, especially during the first chorus. The boys manage to expertly pull off a rather strange routine, and they even make it look easy. The strong, crisp movements make it the most impressive choreography released thus far.

There’s no doubt that the combination of members in NCT 127 is made for performance. With such intense skills in the realm of dance, this group is sure to knock your socks off at KCON LA.