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Weekly Charts: August 7-13

New week, new names! We’ve got a slew of debuts and new comebacks as summer winds down, and there’s a song for everyone! Whether it’s hype songs from Show Me the Money 6 or pop numbers from stan-worthy group Wanna One, Koreans are streaming all sorts of genres!

Hip-Hop Is(n’t) Dead

Whether you are a fan of this summer’s edition of Show Me the Money or not, the charts have demonstrated that there are two songs that reign up top. Without spoiling it for our readers, each song will only be referred to by its title and its producers. First place goes to Dynamic Duo’s “N분의 1.” Although there’s no official English translation provided, N분의 1 is a Korean slang for dutch pay. If you ain’t one of them, pay for your own! To those unfamiliar with Korean culture, this may be confusing! Koreans love to pay for meals if you’re considered “close” to them. The song is a laid-back, slower-paced song with more focus on the lyrics than stylistic flairs.  

Next song to come out of the show actually claimed fourth place on Mnet, MelOn, and Bugs! It’s the song by FXNCY CHILD producers ZICO and DEAN, “These Days.” Quite the opposite of the previous song, this hard-hitting, profanity-riddled song benefits from a unique, tinkling piano melody and DEAN’s signature crooning. Though it may not be as public-friendly, the song is a brave venture from the duo, and their effort has shown on the charts.

National Love

This week marked the debut of Wanna One, and the double title tracks have already blazed their way to the top of the charts. In particular, “Energetic” received a real-time all-kill (#1 on all major charts) upon debut! The group has broken records of all types, and now they’ve earned themselves the title of having the most views on a debut music video! Featuring a pulsing bass line, retro melody, and driving rap lines, the boys of Produce 101 have certainly made an “Energetic” debut!

“Burn It Up” makes a strong chart debut at tenth place. A classic club-thumper of an EDM song, “Burn It Up” showcases the group’s dance skills yet also gives their rappers a chance to really shine. Though it certainly doesn’t reinvent the genre, the song is carried by the members’ delivery and charisma, especially three minutes and 33 seconds into the song. Featuring growly anthemic chanting, the members want everyone to know that they’re here to take over. No wonder the group already has fans in chaos shortly a week into their debut!

Notable Mentions

Although it is their 10th anniversary, supreme girl group SNSD has only had one week of promotions on music shows. Despite an effort of releasing two title tracks, only one has finally made it into the Top 10: “Holiday.” Featuring a trumpet catchy “Ho-Ho-Holiday” chant of a hook, the song is upbeat and lighthearted. It really captures the girly essence of SNSD, and it’s such a shame to see them only perform it for one weekend!

Veteran singer Yoon Jongshin has also managed to snag a respectable ninth and tenth place on Bugs! and MelOn chart. Yoon Jongshin is perhaps one of the most prolific Korean singers, if quite frankly, not already THE most. He’s also no stranger to the idol world, having collaborated with top idols and also composing for them! Most certainly, idols have covered his songs at least once before! In addition to his unique baritone voice, he is well known for his “Monthly Project” series that is already seven years in the running. As CEO of Mystic89, home to many talented acts, the man is back with his trademark brand of ballad. And you know it, Koreans just loooove a good ballad.

Are you keeping up with Show Me the Money 6? Happy with Wanna One’s debut tracks? Let us know in the comments below!