SONAMOO Parties Like It’s “Friday Night”

SONAMOO Parties Like It’s “Friday Night”

SONAMOO has decided to switch things up when it comes to music with the creation of Happy Box. This special project allows SONAMOO to release three songs in the next three months. Though the group has been leaning towards the cute concept with recent tracks, this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with both new and old styles, with “Friday Night” resulting in déjà vu among some fans.


Concept Battle

SONAMOO is still relatively new to the music industry, with the group slowly gaining the recognition they truly deserve. Due to the success of B.A.P’s strong concept, TS Entertainment decided to debut SONAMOO with a similar image. The concept was compiled of military-themed outfits, bold makeup, and colorful hairstyles. “Deja Vu” itself was a powerful song, which balanced out the low and soft tones among the individual members. Unfortunately, “Deja Vu” was overlooked at the time, mostly due to the public’s preference for the girly, cute concept. On a positive note, though, it appealed to international listeners while also showing the versatility of the group.

Since “Deja Vu,” SONAMOO has released upbeat and cute concepts such as “Cushion” and “I Like You Very Much.” Though these concepts received positive reviews, it didn't feel as though SONAMOO was showing their true potential. While it was nice to see SONAMOO gaining popularity, many wanted the group to return to a concept similar to that of “Deja Vu.”

Happy Box Experiment

Earlier this month, TS Entertainment revealed that SONAMOO would hold a special project titled Happy Box. Upon further explanation, it was revealed that SONAMOO would release three singles in the next three months following the announcement. Though the news seemed rather spontaneous, it pleased people to see that SONAMOO would be releasing new music. TS Entertainment gave limited information as to what concept the group would depict, which led to speculation that SONAMOO would be straying away from their cute image.


Leading up to the release of the first single, teaser photos were released through social media, to the delight of many.

The teaser photos showcased the members in two separate outfits, which were casual, yet eye-catching. The first outfit was simple and black, which included a top and shorts. The next outfit served as a more colorful option, though it followed suit with yet another simple top and matching shorts. The members had their own individual features stand out, which I thought was a beautiful touch. Though the outfits did not necessarily indicate any particular concept, the teasers served to heighten anticipation. Soon, it was revealed that “Friday Night” would be the title track of the album. Oddly enough, the announcement was released on a Monday, of all days. Fortunately, that Monday was filled with excitement.

On August 14, SONAMOO released the music video for “Friday Night” along with the digital single. “Friday Night” is about the excitement that comes just before the weekend, which includes the fun of going out with friends. It’s a song filled with energy, without too deep of a meaning. It’s about having fun and breaking the rules for one night. It has a funky rhythm to it, allowing the song to stand out among previous title tracks.The lyrics are quite unusual, with certain lines not making much sense (though that could be down to translation). Nevertheless, it seems to have a carefree vibe to it, with the members appearing to show an indifference to criticism. The music video brings things back to the basics, though it is still infused with charisma. For the most part, there are two key scenes involving the white and purple backdrop. The white background has SONAMOO in black outfits with red bows on their wrists. It makes the members stand out, though the simplicity allows the music to speak for itself. The purple background has the girls in their colorful outfits, with water all over the floor. Every time the members move, water splashes everywhere, which truly allows the choreography to stand out.


The Happy Box project will continue throughout the next two months, which makes it exciting when thinking of what SONAMOO will release next. “Friday Night” has already grabbed the attention of both Korean and international listeners, so fingers crossed it does well on the charts. Either way, it’s a project for a reason, and the reason is to see how well the concepts are received by the public. Hopefully, TS Entertainment will use this as a marketing strategy and promote SONAMOO as much as possible.

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