Throwback Thursday: KCON LA 2017 Artists

Throwback Thursday: KCON LA 2017 Artists

This week’s Throwback Thursday, is all about the artists attending KCON LA 2017! While there are many artists that are coming to KCON LA, this week will be focusing on the older groups that are attending and looking back at their earlier releases! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane and hope this gets you pumped up for KCON LA this weekend. Tell us down below which artist you are most looking forward to seeing at KCON LA 2017!

“Error” - VIXX

Like the many other artists that are going to be listed this week, VIXX has released several music videos. “Error” falls into the category of their darker-themed releases. “Error” was released in 2014, where the VIXX members are portrayed as cyborgs. Hongbin is the main lead for this particular music video, showcasing his talent for acting. While the story of the music video about cyborgs falling in love and experiencing hardship, VIXX incorporates their cyborg concept into their choreography. The music video also features KARA member Youngji as the female counterpart to Hongbin. VIXX is no stranger to releasing emotional and heart-wrenching music and music videos and it really goes to show how the boy group is one of the leaders in executing dark concepts. As VIXX is one of the artists coming to perform for KCON, there is a possibility that they may perform this particular song! Watch VIXX’s “Error” down below and tell us your thoughts about it!

“Just Right” - GOT7

For fans who have attended KCON LA in 2015, “Just Right” in particular will be a very big throwback. During KCON LA 2015, GOT7 had just made their comeback with “Just Right” and performed the song live, causing the audience to scream with joy. This particular song oozes positivity as the boy group sings to the listener that they are perfect and beautiful just the way they are. “Just Right” is for listeners and fans to embrace who they are inside and out. This song serves as a reminder that no matter what, GOT7 will always love their fans. The music video itself is full of bright colors and fun antics of the GOT7 members, as they are portrayed as tiny companions that remind the main actress that she is “just right” the way she is. Hopefully GOT7 will perform this song once again at KCON LA 2017!

Also, who is hoping that GOT7’s next comeback will be bright and cheerful like “Just Right?”

“Female President” - Girl’s Day

Considerably one of the hottest girl groups to come to KCON this year is Girl’s Day, and this week’s Throwback Thursday is highlighting their 2013 smash-hit, “Female President.” Girl’s Day proved that they were no longer the girls doing the cute concepts but now grown women, conquering the girl-crush/sexy concept. “Female President” is about taking charge of your feelings and having confidence in going up to a guy and being forward with your feelings. Girl’s Day talks about how there is nothing wrong with a girl going up to a guy and being straightforward and confessing her feelings. They even emphasize that their country’s president (at the time) was a female who took charge and did what she needed to in order to get to her position, so they say that if she could do it, then so can you. It’s all about girl power and being confident, and it is surely a song that is a must-listen from the girl group. Check out “Female President” and other Girl’s Day songs if you haven’t already, and hopefully they will perform this song as well during the concert!

“Mansae” - SEVENTEEN

This 13-membered boy group is taking the world by storm as they are currently embarking on their first-ever world tour, and they are finally making an appearance at KCON LA for their first time. For those who were able to attend KCON NY last year, the audience was able to experience the magic that is SEVENTEEN. “Mansae” is the first comeback after their debut with “Adore U” and really swept fans off their feet. From their sharp and synchronized choreography to their catchy vocals, SEVENTEEN surely does not disappoint. “Mansae” falls into the classic school/uniform concept but adds a fun twist with having their names put somewhere on their clothing. Let’s be honest, it is hard keeping up with all 13 members at first. As “Mansae” is one of their most popular songs that they have released thus far, be prepared to have this song stuck on repeat for quite some time.

Bonus: As SEVENTEEN is a part of Pledis Entertainment, who else has noticed that all their idol groups (After School, NU’EST, and Pristin) have either debuted or made a concept with the school uniform concept? Comment down below with the specific song from each artist that contained this classic concept!

“Can You Feel It” - Super Junior-D&E (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

It has been quite some time since these two Super Junior members have been on stage, due to both serving their mandatory military service. Both Donghae and Eunhyuk have been discharged, and fans are awaiting what is going to happen now that Super Junior has two of its members back. Super Junior has also made an appearance at KCON LA, but this will be the first time that Super Junior-D&E will be making their KCON debut. For those who have not had the opportunity to check out Super Junior-D&E, they are a duo sub-unit from the group Super Junior. “Can You Feel It” comes from their The Beat Goes On album that was released in 2015 prior to both members enlisting in the army. This song in particular is an upbeat and catchy song that has a viral dance to go along with it, coined the “Chok Chok” dance. While there is no “official” music video for the song, SM Entertainment did release a short video of fans and other SM Entertainment artists dancing to the song and doing the “Chok Chok” dance. “Can You Feel It” is a guaranteed song that will get stuck in your head, and you’ll find yourself dancing along! There is a strong chance that Super Junior-D&E will perform “Can You Feel It” at KCON LA, so fingers crossed that all of the crowd will be up and doing the “Chok Chok” dance with the duo!

Bonus: Can you name all of the artists that you spot in the video?

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! For those who are attending KCON LA this weekend, hopefully these songs are performed, and we at The Kraze hope you have a blast at the convention and concert! Stay tuned next week for more throwbacks! You may just see your favorite artist make the list!

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