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TWICE’s Hidden Gems

Superstar JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE has been making waves in the K-Pop scene since their debut in October of 2015. They dominate the music charts with every new comeback released, so it’s no surprise that they have quite a few hidden gems in their discography.

하루에 세번

Off the latest mini-album Signal, “하루에 세번” is a smooth track that incorporates rhythm and blues elements with traditional pop sounds that we’ve come to expect from TWICE. For the most part, the backing melody is on the upbeat instead of the downbeat, which isn’t often heard in K-Pop tracks and is quite intriguing in itself just for the difference. The chorus also incorporates a dance hall-like melody that keeps it moving forward smoothly. While this song features a different sound from what we’ve come to know and love with TWICE, it’s quite a refreshing mix up!


TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 brings us our next favorite B-side. “녹아요” is a tried-and-true R&B ballad that showcases the vocal talents of lead vocalists Jihyo, Nayeon, and Mina, as well as the rest of the members, even rappers Chaeyoung and Dahyun. The smooth melody is extremely relaxing, and coupled with the vocal talents of TWICE, could even be considered a better track than title of the repackage “KNOCK KNOCK.”

One in a Million

Jumping back to TWICEcoaster: LANE 1, we have my second favorite off of the album, “One in a Million” (nothing can beat “TT!”). As expected from the title, the song is incredibly sweet—not just for its melody, but its lyrics as well. While the melody is soothing, the real highlights of this track are definitely the lyrics and the message behind them. A nice pick-me-up, optimistic song can be quite healing, and TWICE provides us with that in “One in a Million.”


What sticks out most about “Ponytail” right off the bat are the guitar and drum elements in the melody, adding a touch of rock to TWICE’s usual K-Pop sound. The melody is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop punk and brings a fresh sound to TWICE’s discography. If you’re looking for an upbeat jam that reminds you of the past, “Ponytail” will be your new favorite.

Jelly Jelly

Our final selection off of TWICEcoaster: LANE 1 is the song “Jelly Jelly.” While it has the more traditional bubblegum pop sound many K-Pop girl groups are known for, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The song is very upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance, and everyone loves a good, catchy dance number! The rhythm change about two-thirds of the way through the song, followed by rap verses, keeps the song fresh and enjoyable.