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Weekly Charts: July 24-30

Looks like the charts can’t agree on what is the reigning song for the week of July 24-30. Even more undecided is the fate of mega boy group EXO’s latest summer song, “Ko Ko Bop,” as it failed to grab an all-kill at debut and is barely hanging in the Top 10 as the weeks go by. Now it’s a toss up as more songs debut and scramble to place in the Top 10.  

Ambiguous Top

Last week, we saw HEIZE’s “You, Clouds, Rain” sit untouchable at the top of the charts, but this week we finally saw movement as Bugs music chart crowned GroovyRoom’s “Sunday (feat. HEIZE, Jay Park)” as the number one song.

Consisting of two ‘94-liners, Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin, GroovyRoom started producing a couple years back by themselves, signing earlier in the year with H1GHER MUSIC, a joint label headed by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. Though you may not have heard of the duo until recently, you’ve definitely heard their signature “groovy everywhere” at the beginning of songs they have produced. They have collaborated with HEIZE (“You Don’t Know”), Hyorin (“Blue Moon” and “FRUITY”), Sik-K (“Don’t Play” and “Rendezvous”) and internet hit song “EUNG FREESTYLE,” just to name a few. They even won “Best Producer” at the 2017 Korean Hip-Hop Awards. It’s no surprise that, with such a diverse repertoire and vast connections, it was only a matter of time before GroovyRoom claimed a number one spot with “Sunday (feat. HEIZE and Jay Park)” from their first EP EVERYWHERE. Groovy everywhere indeed!

Meanwhile, on Gaon music charts, EXO has claimed the number one spot with their reggae-trap fusion jam “Ko Ko Bop.” Despite this feat, the song hasn’t fared so well on other charts. On MelOn, Mnet, and Bugs, the song has barely managed to snag a peak number six position before dropping to 10th place respectively. Despite the weak streaming power of the song, the album itself has snagged 1st place in album sales for the second straight week. Koreans might not be bopping to “Ko Ko Bop,” but other songs on the album have enjoyed enough popularity to also chart outside of the Top 10.

A Breath of Fresh Vocals

AKMU certainly has made a comeback with zero fanfare from its label, YG Entertainment, and has yet to perform on music shows. Despite an initial lack of promotions, the public showed continued support of the brother-sister duo as two of their songs from their album SUMMER EPISODE placed 3rd and 9th on the Bugs chart. The more popular song of the two, “DINOSAUR,” is an uplifting EDM jam with lyrics reminiscing about growing up with their family. It’s a genre previously unexplored by the duo, though it comes with good timing as EDM continues to grow in popularity! Their other track, “MY DARLING,” is less adventurous with the familiar sound of AKMU present. Let’s hope they will continue to push the limits of their artistry with new sounds.  

ZICO safely secures 3rd place on MelOn and Mnet with “Artist.” Groovy beats are the summer fad of 2017, and “Artist” proves it can lead the trend just as well. It’s a solid song from a solid album.  

Red Velvet remains at 2nd place for yet another week, while MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK, and Bolbbalgan4 safely round up the rest of the Top 10.

Which of these is your favorite summer jam? Who will be number one next week? Share your thoughts in the comments!