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Throwback Thursday: Best of 2010

On this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking it back all the way to 2010 where K-Pop idols and groups started the trend of having a signature dance move and catchy hook to go along with it. The quality of music videos, the style, and concepts began to see a boom in 2010 as more and more groups were debuting and wanting to make a strong impression. Prepare for this blast from the past, and get ready to jam out to some of these 2010 classics!

“I Need a Girl” - Taeyang

Taeyang has released many songs in his 10 years in the music industry, but one of his most popular songs that many could not stop talking about is “I Need a Girl.” Released in July 2010, "I Need a Girl" became a widespread phenomenon with many listeners drawn in not only by the smooth choreography but also Taeyang's honey-velvet voice. The song and music video also feature fellow BIGBANG member, G-Dragon, as well as 2NE1’s Dara as the main interest of the music video. Fans liked the chemistry of Dara and Taeyang so much that many had hope that they were dating in real life. Let’s just say, through “I Need a Girl,” Taeyang definitely rose to the top of some people’s bias lists after its release.

“Shock” - BEAST/B2ST

Before they became Highlight, they were formally known as BEAST/B2ST. 2010 marked the boy group’s first comeback after their debut with “Bad Girl.” With “Shock” this was the first time the boy group tackled a darker concept (which then became a signature style for BEAST in following comebacks). “Shock” is a more electronic-based song that is filled with such power and emotion. “Shock” also gave the group its first win on music shows, showing BEAST was a monster rookie group to look out for in the years to come. Check out BEAST’s early years in K-Pop with their hit-sensation down below!

“Clap” - TEEN TOP

The schoolboy concept has been done repeatedly throughout the years in K-Pop, and what better way to debut a hot new boyband with a bunch of fresh-faced and handsome young men than by honing in on the concept. “Clap” is TEEN TOP’s debut song, and it fits perfectly into the mold of having an iconic dance move and catchy hook to match. The young men of TEEN TOP were all introduced as school boys filled with angst and frustration as they tried to figure out the feelings of liking a girl and dealing with the heartbreak. Do not be surprised when this song gets stuck in your head, as it has an addictive quality that one cannot simply pass up. As their debut song, it left a strong impression, and it marked the beginning of when this group would become known for catchy songs and on-point choreography.

“Bad Girl, Good Girl” - Miss A

It was around 2009-2010 when the girl crush/bad girl concept started to become a popular theme for girl groups and “Bad Girl, Good Girl” by miss A is the perfect example of the concept. miss A is the second girl group to come from JYP Entertainment. With the Wonder Girls as their predecessors, miss A was following in big footsteps. However miss A proved themselves to be an instant hit as their debut song, “Bad Girl, Good Girl,” earned them their first win on music shows. Till this day, many girl groups (and boy groups) continue to cover this iconic song and create their own parodies as well. miss A brought a new wave of girl groups tackling a more mature/sexy concept. Watch their music video for “Bad Girl, Good Girl” down below to check out why this song was one of the best hits of 2010!

This concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! This will not be the last time that The Kraze will be highlighting some of the best of 2010! Stay tuned next week as we will highlight more songs from the past! Who knows? You may see your favorites or find new artists in the next installment of Throwback Thursday!