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Lovelyz WoW! In 2017

Lovelyz is still relatively new to the music industry, but the girl group has tremendously accomplished much in that short space of time. Though many believe they are your typical “cute and girly” group, Lovelyz has certainly put their own twist to this concept. Every time Lovelyz makes a comeback, they experiment with different music styles, which has proven successful among fans. As Lovelyz wrapped up their summer concert, Alwayz, the group announced they would make yet another comeback within the next few months. This year has certainly been the busiest year for the group, so it’s the perfect time to look back and see what made Lovelyz stand out in 2017.

The WoW! Factor

In late February, Woollim Entertainment announced that Lovelyz would release a mini-album and title track with a new music genre. As curiosity began to increase, teaser photos revealed that Lovelyz would be experimenting with a retro style. With bright colors and retro fashion, Lovelyz made sure to showcase their beauty and leave an impact on fans and a sense of heightened anticipation. This was a first for Lovelyz, which only created excitement among fans, questioning if Lovelyz could pull off something new.

On February 26, Lovelyz released title track “WoW!” along with mini-album, R U Ready?

Drifting from their usual style, Lovelyz returned with a quirkier, more bubbly concept. The music video captured the attention of many people, with its visually pleasing animations and artistic view on love. It follows suit behind Lovelyz’s previous music videos and their keenness for imagery, highlighted through things such as the members turning into animations or posters on the wall. “WoW!” is about the initial feeling of falling for someone and the simultaneous fear over the consequences of heartbreak. Although the song seems upbeat on the surface, it has a deeper meaning of falling in love. The lyrics portray the uneasiness of the emotion, with lines such as “love is special, two dimensional, a mystery which has no shadow.” The song itself has a unique funky feel to it, assimilating to the retro style Lovelyz had teased.

“WoW!” caught the attention of many (including myself), which was only the start of a busy year ahead for Lovelyz. At the beginning of promotions, Yein was unable to perform due to injury, so Lovelyz had to rearrange formations and line distributions. Fortunately, Yein recovered and was able to promote in the second week. “WoW!” promotions lasted over a month (until the beginning of April), with Lovelyz giving 100% in all performances. What made these live stages even more impressive was that the girls were preparing for yet another comeback at the same time.

Now We

Though people believed Lovelyz would take a well-deserved break, it was revealed that the group would make a speedy return with a repackaged album. The news gained mixed reactions, as many became worried for the health of the members, especially since Yein was injured prior to the previous comeback. But, before anyone could say anything else, teaser photos were released, this time around showcasing the group’s stunning visuals. It was evident from the teaser photos that Lovelyz would take a more mature approach with the repackaged album. “Now, We” was announced as the title track of this repackaged album, which showcased the group experimenting with a new sound and concept.

Unlike Lovelyz’s previous title tracks, “Now, We” brings a cooler tone and more of a refreshing style to their music. “Now, We” is about a man confessing his feelings to his love, while the woman is in shock and can’t believe it’s real life. Though the man is comfortable with his feelings, his partner struggles to come to terms with his sudden confession, feeling overwhelmed with emotions. The music video displays aesthetic scenery, with cool blue tones and stunning visuals. The song is simplistic, yet has edge to it, allowing “Now, We” to stand out individually among other title tracks. This was definitely a gamble for Lovelyz, due to the success of the adorable “WoW!,” but recently, it paid off. On May 16, Lovelyz achieved their first music show win on The Show. The girls couldn't contain their emotions (neither could I, in all honesty) and performed a tearful encore for fans. Though this was the only win for “Now, We,” it still had a huge impact on Lovelyz’s popularity.

Alwayz with Lovelyz

In June, once again, Woollim Entertainment decided to still not give Lovelyz a break, announcing a summer concert at the end of July (these girls never get any rest). But, when the tickets went on sale, Alwayz sold out in five minutes, to the surprise of the group. Yet again, Lovelyz had approximately a month to prepare for this concert, highlighting the true determination of this group. On July 29, Lovelyz held their concert, Alwayz, performing their hits such as “Candy Jelly Love,” “Ahh-Choo,” and “WoW!.” Now, remember when I said that Lovelyz had about a month to prepare? Well, they still had time to record a new song. Lovelyz surprised fans with a new song, “Fallin,” at the concert, as a present for their fans. Though the official version hasn't dropped yet, fans at the concert recorded the song, allowing international fans to hear it. If a new song wasn't enough, Lovelyz then announced they would make a third comeback by the end of the year (I’m starting to believe that Lovelyz members are not human). Alwayz was a huge success, though Jin suffered an ankle injury (that won't stop Woolim), heightening anticipation for Lovelyz’s final comeback of the year.  

Two comebacks, one mini-album, one repackaged album, one new song, and one concert. It’s astonishing what Lovelyz has achieved in the space of six months. Even with all this success, the girls have remained themselves and continue to grow as artists. It does seem that Woollim is pushing the limits with Lovelyz, but let’s hope the group looks on the positive side of things. Lovelyz certainly made sure to leave an impact this year, with the next few months full of surprises.