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MONSTA X’s Beautiful B-sides

Popular Starship Entertainment group MONSTA X has been shaking up the K-Pop scene since their debut in 2015 with “Trespass.” The group has consistently released stellar music ever since, but today we will be focusing on some awesome tracks from THE CLAN series.

Stuck 네게만 집착해

MONSTA X has been known to release equally stellar special clips alongside title tracks (referring to “HERO” during the “RUSH” era), and “Stuck 네게만 집착해” is no exception. While the track follows the same hard-hitting vein as “ALL IN,” it has its own catchy charm that distinguishes itself from the title of the first installment of THE CLAN series. Complementing the pleasing, dark aesthetic and eye-catching choreography (shoutout to Wonho’s dance solo), the rap verse featuring maknae line members Jooheon and I.M is particularly noteworthy and really showcases the rap talent of the group.


Before the official release of THE CLAN Pt. 1 LOST, the group released the track “EX GIRL,” featuring MAMAMOO’s Wheein, as a teaser for the upcoming album release. Softer than the previous releases of both the debut album and RUSH, the song showcased a new side of MONSTA X that highlighted their vocal talent. The song is a refreshingly sweet change, perfect for when you're relaxing or feeling sentimental.


“QUEEN” is another excellent example of MONSTA X’s expertise in hard-hitting tracks; it’s also my favorite track off of THE CLAN Pt. 2 GUILTY. The song is a perfect blend of gorgeous vocals in the chorus (courtesy of our main vocal Kihyun) to smooth rap verses with Jooheon’s verse followed by I.M’s pre-chorus in which he states, “I’ll be your king, and baby you’ll be my queen.” Who wouldn’t be enchanted by this combination?

Calm Down

I’m sure at this point my biases and music preferences are clearly visible, only furthered by my choice of “Calm Down” off of THE CLAN Pt. 2.5 BEAUTIFUL. Part of the reason I personally adore MONSTA X is for their skill in providing intense tracks that support their powerful rappers. I’m an absolute sucker for this formula, and with the addition of the vocalists in the chorus, “Calm Down” is another paragon example, proving to hook listeners in from the beginning.


The second new track provided on repackage album SHINE FOREVER, “GRAVITY” contrasts the usual MONSTA X sound much like “EX GIRL.” While I am biased towards the group’s heavier tracks, the switch to sweet, vocally-focused songs is always a refreshing change, especially when the group’s vocals are often overlooked. “GRAVITY” has a relaxing R&B beat that supports the vocal members and is overall a nice change of pace.