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Weekly Charts: August 21- 27

The charts have remained fairly static for the last week, with the expected songs and artists still reigning in the Top 10 amongst MelOn, Mnet, Gaon, and Bugs! The most noticeable change we have seen is domination of queen Sunmi with her new release “Gashina,” which is charting within the top two on just about every chart. Along with the expected top songs are a few unexpected tracks as well.

More of the Same

The names you expect still reign supreme within the Top 10 this week. From EXO’s super popular release “Ko Ko Bop” maintaining a position in the top five on MelOn and Gaon despite the many weeks since release to Wanna One’s domination with “Energetic,” many of the songs that placed in the Top 10 last week remain in the same spot or close to where they were previously. Monster rookies Wanna One have a whopping three tracks in the Top Ten on MelOn, with “Burn it Up” and “Wanna Be My Baby” joining the title at six and nine respectively.

HEIZE continues to be a popular choice, with “비도 오고 그래서 (Feat. 신용재)" placing at third, fifth, and sixth across the music chart spectrum. Special tracks from Show Me The Money 6 have proven to hold weight this week with “Red Sun (ft. ZICO, Swings)” by Haengjoo maintaining a mean position of five across the board. Nuksal’s “필라멘트 (Feat. BSK)” has also found its way onto the Bugs! chart, as well as Killgramz’s “Where (ft. DEAN, ZICO).”

Little Surprises

Strangely enough, Yoon Jongshin’s “Like It” is still maintaining a high chart position across the board, placing in either first or second in every chart. With yet another week topping the charts, “Like It” is proving its staying power even among some of K-Pop’s most popular acts. By another surprising twist, XIA’s “Break My Heart” as well as “다른 누구도 대신 못할 너" from album Xignature that released a year ago is trending on the Mnet charts. Another surprise is the addition of Hwang Chiyeol’s release from June, “A Daily Song,” climbing its way up to eighth place on MelOn, sixth place on Mnet, and tenth place on Gaon.