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Throwback Thursday: Hits of 2011

Throwback Thursday is back once again to give you a fresh list this week! We have covered hits from 2009 and 2010, and we are back to cover some of the best hits of 2011! At this time in K-Pop, more and more groups were debuting, giving fans a bigger variety of groups that ranged in different concepts and styles. Prepare for this blast from the past, and get ready to jam out to some of these 2011 classics.

“Keep Your Head Down” - TVXQ

In 2010, K-Pop fans saw the devastating news of the DBSK/TVXQ split. Former members Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun left the group and SM Entertainment due to contractual differences. Yunho and Changmin stayed behind. After the other members left, many were wondering what would become of DBSK/TVXQ. (FYI: DBSK (South Korean acronym) and TVXQ (Chinese acronym) are the same, both translating to “Rising Gods of the East”). In response, 2011 saw the comeback of TVXQ with “Keep Your Head Down.” Despite all of the the sad news, TVXQ proved to fans that they were strong and would continue on through the release of this track. It delivers a powerful force, proving that TVXQ is here to stay and that they remain one of the most legendary groups in K-Pop even to this day.

“0330” - U-KISS

We are taking things back to a song from U-KISS, who recently celebrated their nine-year anniversary. Considerably one of the most underrated K-Pop groups in the industry, U-KISS has been around for quite some time and released “0330” in 2011. The iconic “don’t deny our R squared pi” was birthed from this song, which has left most K-Pop fans confused as to what the actual line means; nonetheless, it is an iconic song. “0330” is a song unlike like their usual dance tracks but still gives off a sense of nostalgia as you listen to it. The music video features former members Kevin, AJ, and Dongho, which is nostalgic for those who have been long-time fans of U-KISS, having experienced lineup changes in members. Check out U-KISS’s “0330” down below!

“Starlight Moonlight” - SECRET

TS Entertainment’s first girl group finally makes their appearance on Throwback Thursday! It has been quite some time since the girl group has released new music, so there is much wonder and speculation as to when they will make another comeback. In the meantime, let’s take a look at one of their past releases, “Starlight Moonlight.” Like many other groups, SECRET has had their fair share of catchy songs that come with easy-to-follow dance moves; “Starlight Moonlight” is no exception. It was not often that SECRET did a “cute” concept as they are known for their sexy, dance concepts, but “Starlight Moonlight” is definitely cute and bright, featuring pastel colors throughout. It is definitely an iconic song that is fit for spring and one of SECRET’s best.

Bonus: Can you spot which B.A.P members make a cameo in the music video?

“I Don’t Know” - Apink

Speaking of cute, Apink is a girl group that is known for their consistent cute concept. Apink debuted in 2011 with their song “I Don’t Know” that has a refreshing and bright vibe. At the time of their debut, there weren’t many girl groups that were focusing on a cute and innocent concept. Their release of “I Don’t Know” was a definite game-changer during that year. While Apink is not the first girl group to tackle a cute concept and be successful, the concept saw a resurgence in 2011 and came back stronger than ever because of Apink.  Apink was quick to garner the following that they maintain today and has gone on to release other great songs. It is highly recommended that if you still have not checked out Apink to start with their debut song and learn why they are a beloved girl group in K-Pop and a veteran of the “cute” and “innocent” concept.

This concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! This will not be the last time that The Kraze will be highlighting some of the best of 2011. Stay tuned for next week as we will highlight more songs from the past! Who knows? You may see your favorites or find new artists in the next installment of Throwback Thursday.