Group Highlight: Wanna One

Group Highlight: Wanna One

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of the new boy group formed from the second season of the survival show Produce 101. Wanna One had their official debut today, August 7, yet their popularity already skyrocketed in anticipation of the group’s debut. Luckily, we’re here to give you all the info you need on the newest boy group sensation.

Who Are They?

Wanna One is composed of the top 11 contestants of Produce 101 Season 2, following in the footsteps of their seniors, I.O.I, from the first season of Produce 101. Wanna One was signed by YMC Entertainment, the same agency that represented I.O.I during their promotional period. The group is only together temporarily, and will last slightly longer than I.O.I with a disbandment date set for December 31, 2018. Though they just had their official debut, the group has already gained incredible momentum, boasting pre-sale orders on par with super groups EXO and BTS. Their fancafe also reached 100,000 followers in two days, displaying their intense popularity.

The Winners

1st Place: Kang Daniel (강다니엘)

Position: Center, Sub Vocal, Sub Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday: December 10, 1996
Agency: MMO Entertainment
Fun Fact: He appeared on Her Secret Weapon as a backup dancer for Fiestar's Cao Lu during her performance of "Invitation" by Uhm Junghwa.

2nd Place: Park Jihoon (박지훈)

Position: Sub Vocal, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Visual
Birthday: May 29, 1999
Agency: Maroo Entertainment
Fun Fact: He was an active child actor.

3rd Place: Lee Daehwi (이대휘)

Position: Lead Vocal
Birthday: January 29, 2001
Agency: Brand New Music
Fun Fact: Appeared in the music video for MC Gree's debut single “Dangerous."

4th Place: Kim Jaehwan (김재환)

Position: Main Vocal
Birthday: May 27, 1996
Agency: Independent
Fun Fact: He has also appeared on SBS' Vocal War: God's Voice, winning first place.

5th Place: Ong Seongwoo (옹성우)

Position: Sub Vocal, Main Dancer
Birthday: August 25, 1995
Agency: Fantagio
Fun Fact: Appeared on Idol Fever, a web series produced by Fantagio to promote Surprise U.

6th Place: Park Woojin (박우진)

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday: November 2, 1999
Agency: Brand New Music
Fun Fact: Appeared in the music video for MC Gree's debut single "Dangerous," also appearing on music shows as a backup dancer for the track’s various performances.

7th Place: Lai Guanlin (라이관린)

Position: Lead Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: September 23, 2001
Agency: Cube Entertainment
Fun Fact: He’s the only foreign member, hailing from New Taipei City, Taiwan.

8th Place: Yoon Jisung (윤지성)

Position: Sub Vocal, Leader
Birthday: March 8, 1991
Agency: MMO Entertainment
Fun Fact: He and Daniel were backup dancers for Cao Lu.

9th Place: Hwang Minhyun (황민현)

Position: Lead Vocal
Birthday: August 9, 1995
Agency: Pledis Entertainment
Fun Fact: He’s an active member of NU’EST.

10th Place: Bae Jinyoung (배진영)

Position: Sub Vocal
Birthday: May 10, 2000
Agency: C9 Entertainment
Fun Fact: He made it to the final 11 despite falling from a C to F rank at the beginning of the show.

11th Place: Ha Sungwoon (하성운)

Position: Main Vocal
Birthday: March 22, 1994
Agency: Ardor & Able
Fun Fact: He is an active member of HOTSHOT.

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