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New Kings of Summer: WINNER

WINNER has consistently been out of the YG Entertainment dungeon this year. After releasing a two-track album in April, the group returned again on August 4, with yet another two-track album. I could spend time pondering why WINNER is only releasing two-track albums instead of waiting to release a full album, or simply a mini-album, but I digress; even if there aren’t many songs, at least it keeps WINNER in the spotlight, right?

The EP is titled OUR TWENTY FOR, similar to the previous release, FATE NUMBER FOR. I guess WINNER is liking the four-member group vibe that they have going on now. The EP has two new summery tracks, and instrumentals, but honestly, who really buys those? (Unless it’s an OST track—I’m guilty of that).

The group experienced great success with “Really” and “Fool,” which likely prompted this second release. WINNER seems to have found their sound after the tribulations of Taehyun’s departure. Their sound is more upbeat, fun, and tropical than before, and it’s pretty damn good. “Island” is everything it sounds like it should be, equipped with a tropical beat and summertime vibe. The music video is equally as tropical, with the four members having fun chilling around Hawaii (super jealous). Mino’s uncanny resemblance to G-DRAGON seems to be growing stronger and stronger as I had to pause for a moment during the video (maybe it’s the lime green hair), and Jinwoo successfully proves that he is cuter than a tiny puppy (also, THAT DIMPLE THOUGH).

The second video and song is “Love Me Love Me,” and interestingly enough, while “Really Really” dominated over “Fool” last time, both tracks this time seem to be on the same level. Both music videos have around the same views, and both are doing well on the charts. I think I like “Love Me Love Me” more than “Island,” although I still really enjoy the latter. The vibe of “Love Me Love Me” is more chill than “Island,” less tropical but definitely still groovy. The video is in the same gorgeous setting as “Island,” but with more laidback, photo shoot style shots.

WINNER is killing it this year, and who knows, maybe YG will let them release ANOTHER two-track album soon (I honestly wouldn't complain at this point). In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see which of the two songs reigns king. Check out their live show performances, and let us know in the comments which one you like more!

“Love Me Love Me”