August Favorites

August Favorites


Favorite Song: Taeyang ft. ZICO - “오늘밤 (Tonight)”


August was an incredible month for K-Pop. EXO had their comeback introducing a style never before seen by the industry, Show Me The Money geared their stage performances with exclusive songs featuring contestants and producers, but my favorite fell in the arms of BIGBANG’s Taeyang with “오늘밤 (Tonight),” featuring Block B’s ZICO. This surprising collaboration features a song that is unlike the expected from both artists, being both eventful and pleasant. I first heard the song preparing myself to not like it at all, but it soon ended up making its way to the top of my August playlist.

Favorite Album: offonoff - boy.


While EXO was a close contender for the win, offonoff swept me off my feet. It really is true that HIGHGRND never disappoints, but the R&B duo defied all odds and enchanted the K-Pop crowd with their music in a month in which K-Pop giants promoted their new releases. boy. flows beautifully and fails to include one song I would skip. The experience of listening to all 12 songs in their consecutive order makes me wish I had never listened to the album just so that I could keep having the experience of listening to it for the first time once again. Regardless, at my hundredth time, boy. remains as my favorite August release.   

Favorite Music Video: WINNER - “ISLAND”

Handsome men in a beautiful scenery, what else could I ask for? All jokes aside, I missed K-Pop videos that just focus on showcasing the group in a paradise-like location. Caught up in theories and mysteries, fans forget to enjoy the brilliance of the visuals K-Pop music videos create. With “ISLAND,” WINNER gives you nothing more than eye-candy. For the first time in a long while did I feel like I fully enjoyed a song and music video combination without feeling the need to interpret what was shown.

Favorite Music Show Performance: EXO - “The Eve” on MCOUNTDOWN

When on stage, EXO doesn’t just dance. They create images with their bodies, all synchronized to the music and each other. “The Eve” isn’t one of EXO’s most eventful choreographies, but it amazed me with its simplicity. We’re not used to seeing the boy group in such minimalistic stages, but this performance proves that less can be more.


Favorite Skincare: TONYMOLY - I'm Real Sheet Masks


I stumbled across these at Urban Outfitters and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. I have very sensitive skin and countless allergies. Since I could take advantage of the 4-for-$10 deal, I decided to take my chances and try out four of TONYMOLY’s I’m Real Sheet Masks. Long story short, they are all incredible. I have since then tried out all available 18 types, and they all have lived up to their expectations. Giving me soft, clear, unified, and glowing skin, I’m Real Sheet Masks became a part of my daily beauty routine.

The Fashion Behind “All Night”

The Fashion Behind “All Night”

SHURAI: An Imaginative Soundscape by IMLAY

SHURAI: An Imaginative Soundscape by IMLAY