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Weekly Charts: September 4-10

Whether or not you agree on the final winner of Show Me the Money 6, you can’t deny the publicity it brings for all the contestants. This week, we see a song from one of the top three finalists at the top of the charts [spoiler ahead] while year-long digital darling IU sees an old song top the charts again.

People’s Choice

He may not have been at the top in the sixth season of Mnet’s hip-hop survival show Show Me the Money, but Woo Wonjae finds himself at the top of Korea’s charts such as MelOn, Mnet, and Bugs! His latest song “We Are,” featuring LOCO and Gray, is now on everyone’s playlists. Though critics call him a “one-trick pony,” Woo Wonjae proves that he too can be mainstream with this one catchy groove of a song. His storytelling style of rap may not be for those looking for a versatile rapper, but Woo Wonjae couples it well with his velvety vocals. As a listener, you can’t help but focus on his words!

Sunmi continues to impress the public with her latest comeback song “Gashina” for a third week at third place. The song and performance are so popular that even her backup dancer is on the receiving end of public adoration. Overnight, this unsuspecting girl has garnered enough attention to have her own fancam! The catchy song is an absolute treat to listen to, and it’s not only ear candy but eye candy too!

Digital Darling

She isn’t called MelOn’s darling for no reason. Songstress IU should be pleasantly surprised to find her song “Through the Night” charting once again at eighth place across the charts despite having been released back in April, and with good reason too! Despite the initial spring release, the ambience of the song is better suited for the seasonal change to autumn. As the weather turns more crisp and chilly nights are more frequent, the song’s sentimental lyrics and soft melody are perfect to listen to while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte at a coffee shop. This song is just the one to play for those days when all you want to do is just curl up and read a book at home!

Another strong digital performer is HyunA. Though this song may be her weakest song of all her comebacks, judging from the lukewarm public interest compared to her other solo songs, “BABE” is a subdued EDM track that isn’t too brash or brazen. Befitting of softer weather, the song features dreamy beats and a groovy, throwback beat drop that seems to be the direction her company Cube Entertainment is taking with all its artists. Despite netizens’ harsh comments about the song, the song is clearly receiving enough attention from the public to find a seventh place on the charts.

It’s no surprise that Yoon Jongshin’s “Like It” is still topping charts interchangeably at second and first place with Woo Wonjae’s track. The song continues to be heard in all the karaoke rooms as Koreans can’t get enough of this melody. You can even hear it being played at Korean bars!

10cm finds yet another of his songs making it into the Top 10. “Phonecert” is the perfect folk tune to play while taking a leisurely drive in this crisp weather! With a catchy melody and lively vocals, the song seems to be played often enough on Koreans’ playlists to claim fourth place. The next time you’re headed out for a drive, make sure to give this song a listen!

Which songs are making their way into your autumn playlist? Do you agree with the final winner of SMTM6? Are you ready for BTS’s new album drop [yes, shameless plug here!]? Tell us what you think in the comments!