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Throwback Thursday: Debut Era

We all have those moments where we look back at something and the nostalgia train takes off. We all start off somewhere, and K-Pop groups are no exception. On this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we are taking a look at debut tracks! Buckle your seat belts as we take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the unique debuts of your favorite groups!

“Warrior” - B.A.P

B.A.P made one of the strongest debuts to date with “Warrior.” We are first introduced with a deep and heavy bass followed by the deep voice of leader and rapper Bang Yongguk. “Warrior” then takes off into a hip-hop heavy track mixed with the intense and powerful vocals of the B.A.P members. With the huskiness of the vocals and rap, you cannot help but get caught up in the song. Maknae Zelo’s rap in “Warrior” earned him the nickname “LTE Rap,” as there are not many rappers who can do such a fast rap. One great aspect of the song itself is the dance break that involves stepping, further enforcing that this group is here to make a strong impression and leave their mark. Check out B.A.P’s “Warrior” and shout out along with them!

“Not Young” - U-KISS

While the boys of U-KISS are no longer young boys, but rather grown men doing much more mature concepts, we simply could not forget their debut with “Not Young!” This fresh and cute song featured the original line-up of U-KISS members, looking very baby-faced at the time. “Not Young” sends the message of no longer wanting to be seen as just a kid but rather someone who knows what love is. At the time of its release, it catered to a younger audience. Those who are just discovering U-KISS can look at their earlier work and see the immense growth that this group has undergone over the years. Nevertheless, this is still another great debut and one that will definitely put a smile on your face. U-KISS has come a long way, but we will never forget this cute debut of “Not Young.”

“LA chA TA” - F(x)

Recently celebrating their eight-year anniversary, we are taking it back to when f(x) debuted with “LA chA TA!” f(x) was the next girl group to debut in SM Entertainment following Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and captured the hearts of many. There was a lot of buzz upon the debut of f(x) as Jessica Jung’s little sister Krystal was debuting under the same company (at the time) as her, as well as Victoria and Amber who are respectively from China and America. Luna and Sulli, as well, created quite the buzz due to their pre-debut activities. “LA chA TA” is quirky and definitely catchy. It also showcases the group’s vocal and dancing abilities. f(x) soon became one of the “it” girl groups upon their debut and continue to prove to be a strong girl group in the K-Pop industry with eight years under their belts. Watch f(x)’s debut music video of “LA chA TA” down below and listen to the rest of their music if you haven’t already!

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned for next week as The Kraze brings another fresh list of nostalgic songs! Who knows? You may possibly see your favorite song and artist in the next installment of Throwback Thursday!