BTS’s Love Yourself 承 Her is Finally Here

BTS’s Love Yourself 承 Her is Finally Here

It gives me great pleasure and great pain to say, as I write this with sweaty hands, that BTS (방탄소년단) has returned. Yes, now known as Beyond the Scene, which I still can’t get used to, the boy group that has taken the world by storm in the past year has come back with a mini-album titled Love Yourself 承 Her, but you all knew that already didn't you?


Love Yourself 承 Her

If you are an ARMY, you’re familiar with the intro songs of the past few albums; these intros are typically performed by one member. J-Hope finished up the intros for the rap line in WINGS which means that it’s vocal line’s turn. Jimin starts us off with his angelic vocals in “Serendipity,” delivering those god-given high notes we all love. The lyrics are out of this world, literally, as he speaks of a love that, like the start of the universe, was meant to be (cue tears worldwide). Also, R.I.P. to the amount of times people looked up “그냥” or “geunyang” on Google; there’s even an 11-minute loop video of Jimin singing the word over and over again. (By the way it means “just” or “only” in context.)

The music video is actual therapy for the eyes as Jimin is full-out soft and adorable (that smile at 1:05 though). I mean, I know you’ve all seen this over 100 times now, but does it hurt to listen to Jimin say, “love me now, touch me now” another time? Actually, maybe it does.

“DNA” has proven to be the bop that we all expected. Carrying a catchy whistle tune throughout an electro-pop beat, “DNA” is a charismatic song that promises to be a chart topper. The music video is packed with popping colors and absolutely incredible choreography. During their VLIVE, it was mentioned that the group’s choreographer worked especially hard this time around as he tried to deliver a unique dance to BTS, and he definitely did. Check out the music video below, and if you already have then check it out again, and again. As I write this, four hours after its release, “DNA” has already surpassed five million views, and I’m sure those numbers will continue to soar.

The Chainsmokers took part in the production of this next track. “Best of Me” carries the EDM elements that The Chainsmokers are known for, like that chorus breakdown. While I was skeptical of a Chainsmokers collaboration, since I’m not a big fan of the EDM duo, I was presently surprised by the outcome. Honestly, this is The Chainsmokers’s best song, and I’m not just saying that because BTS also took part (or maybe I am).

The vocal line delivers in “보조개” or “Dimple,” a song that flows from “Best of Me” quite flawlessly. The chorus will capture any audience with its catchy beat and addicting vocal acrobatics. As expected from the vocal line, “Dimple” is a title-track worthy song. Following this is one of my personal favorites, “Pied Piper.” The song takes elements of retro pop, and even electronic/house music, and mixes it seamlessly with BTS’s signature style. The chorus is especially impressive with an electric guitar adding in to strum behind beautiful falsettos.  


BTS almost always includes a skit in their albums, and Love Yourself 承 Her is no exception. This skit however will likely bring on the water works for most proud ARMYs. “Skit: Billboard Music Awards” is exactly how it sounds; it’s the announcement of their win followed by their acceptance speech. Need I say more? As soon as the skit is done, your tears will climb back into your tear ducts. As fans expected by the title, “MIC Drop” is a hard and incredibly catchy hip-hop song. Vocal line delivers charismatic vocals in the chorus, and rap line blows us all away with their clever bars.

The second-to-last song on the album is “고민보다 Go,” a track that begins with a unique trap beat mixed with a flute melody. While a strange mix, everything fits together so well, so much so that it is another one of my favorites (but then again, every song is). The flute is an ingenious addition to this trap song, as weird as that sounds. Despite BTS saying “YOLO” throughout the track, something I thought had died out a few years ago, they will no doubt bring it back with this song.


Suga took part in producing the final song, “Outro: Her,” which he wrote in a hotel room in Chicago. It opens with a soft piano melody before moving into a sound reminiscent of old BTS hip-hop songs (think Skool Luv Affair era). The old-school boom-bap beat mixed with a modern electro sound is a great mix. Like past outros that were sung by the vocal line, “Outro: Her” is the rap line’s time to shine, and shine they do.

While that’s all the songs that appear to be on Love Yourself 承 Her, it has been mentioned during BTS’s VLIVE Comeback Special that there is a hidden track. Rap Monster wrote the track, titled “바다,” meaning “sea.” It was also hinted at that Love Yourself 承  Her will be a series, much like The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series.

Love Yourself 承 Her as a whole presents BTS in a new light. As Rap Monster has said, this album shows a different side to them. Full of upbeat tracks, the album sounds a lot more positive and bright than past albums, maybe because of the successful and exciting year that the group has had. While some may be tentative of these new sounds, I personally love the risks that the boys have taken with this album, and I’m sure that it will become one of their most successful albums to date.

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