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B.A.P’s Best B-Sides

TS Entertainment’s top boy group B.A.P has returned to the forefront with their most recent single album release, Blue. Having returned with title “Honeymoon,” I wanted to take a look back at the stellar previous releases from one of my favorite groups.


“Dystopia,” from the single album Rose, is such an interesting choice because it’s so musically different from any other K-Pop song to date, taking influence from heavy metal guitar riffs that remind me of American rock artists such as Breaking Benjamin and Evanescence. I very much appreciate the throwback to my teenage years and the ode to the metal genre that is extremely uncommon. One could say it’d even be completely missing from K-Pop if not for B.A.P.

Diamond 4 Ya

Single album Rose is truly a masterpiece even with the few tracks on it, so I couldn’t help but include the two songs that were not the title. Unlike the album’s opener “Dystopia,” “Diamond 4 Ya” takes influences from early R&B sounds and is a catchy dance track. “Diamond 4 Ya” is a very nice contrast to both the heavy metal “Dystopia” and intense title track “Wake Me Up,” rounding out the album with three distinct tracks that provide great musical diversity.

I Guess I Need U

Would this list be complete without at least one sexy B.A.P song? I’ve determined that answer to be no. “I Guess I Need U” is a smooth and sensual track that’s guaranteed to seduce the listener, even without lyrical context. The lyrics just make it 10 times worse, and the accompanying choreography makes it 20 times worse. Naturally, this song contains one of Daehyun’s infamous high notes and leader Yongguk’s undeniably sexy tone of voice. R.I.P. to all Babyz.

Le Noir

What I absolutely love about B.A.P is the variety of sound they cover in their music. “Le Noir” is just a short introduction to the latest full album Noir, but it immediately left an impression on me. The track features only members Jongup and Yongguk (yes they are my two favorites, let’s ignore that). The backing piano melody is a smooth jazz track that perfectly complements the sweet vocals of Jongup. Yongguk interjects with a few soft lyrics that sound perfect in his stunningly deep voice, adding to the air of mystery that the music naturally gives off. This provides the listener with an image of a mysterious man sitting at a jazz bar, brooding silently with a drink of whiskey. Incredibly specific metaphor, right? I truly appreciate that B.A.P is able to paint such a detailed picture in my head.

Bang x2

Operating along the same vein as “Dystopia” is “Bang x2” off of their first full album First Sensibility. “Bang x2” carries more of a punk rock kind of sound in comparison to “Dystopia,” resembling Western bands more along the lines of Sum 41 and early Good Charlotte. B.A.P is the only K-Pop group so far that I’ve heard attempt to replicate rock music sounds, and my inner angsty teen is absolutely delighted by it. “Bang x2” is also a popular track at their solo concerts, and it hypes up the crowd like nothing else (totally speaking from personal experience).