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Throwback Thursday: Debut Era Part 2

We all have those moments where we look back at something and the nostalgia train takes off. We all start off somewhere, and K-Pop groups are no exception. On this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we are continuing to highlight K-Pop idols’ debut eras! Buckle your seat belts as we take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the unique debuts of your favorite groups!

“I Want You Back” - SECRET

There are several groups within the K-Pop industry that leave fans wondering where they are now, and SECRET happens to be one of these groups. SECRET was the first girl group of TS Entertainment and debuted with “I Want You Back” in 2009. Compared to their more recent work, this brings a refreshing vibe thanks to the R&B-synth-pop instrumentals. It is a huge contrast as some of their most popular songs are fast-paced dance tracks. This was definitely a cute debut for the girl group that would then catapult into becoming one of the sexiest girl groups in K-Pop. SECRET’s last group promotions were in 2014 with “I’m In Love” and member Sunhwa has since departed the group. The remaining SECRET members have since then done their own solo promotions, but there is hope that the girl group will be making a comeback as a group very soon!

“Bad Girl” - BEAST (Highlight)

Before they became HIGHLIGHT, they were formally known as BEAST, and this boy group debuted with “Bad Girl.” Debuting in 2010, right around the era of experimental and eclectic fashion, “Bad Girl” fell perfectly into the trend of catchy choruses with an easy-to-follow dance move. Brightly colored hair still remains a trend in K-Pop, but recently member Yoseob has been spotted sporting blonde hair, as he did when “Bad Girl” debuted. This is definitely a blast from the past from the boy group, and they have surely come a long way! Does anyone else remember their iconic white outfits and the (at-the-time) trendy MC Hammer-type pants? Check out their debut music video down below!

“Supa Dupa Diva” - Dal Shabet

Rounding off the list for this week’s Throwback Thursday is Dal Shabet with “Supa Dupa Diva.” This is another group that has gone through such immense growth. Newer K-Pop fans may know the group for their more mature and sexier concepts, but this girl group has also gone through a cute concept as well! “Supa Dupa Diva” is a cute, fun, and definitely catchy dance track that many will have stuck in their heads. There is even a possibility that you will be dancing their iconic dance that comes along with the song as well! This bubblegum-pop track is one that will be nostalgic for those who have been K-Pop fans for quite some time, and a great introduction for those who are looking to know more about Dal Shabet!

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned for next week as The Kraze brings another fresh list of nostalgic songs! Who knows? You may possibly see your favorite song and artist in the next installment of Throwback Thursday!