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Love Yourself: The Hidden Gems

BTS’s latest comeback with mini-album Love Yourself: 承 Her has already broken various records, from over a million pre-sales recorded to the entrance of title “DNA” onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Anticipation was high for this album, and though the sound is distinctly different from previous releases, the group definitely didn’t let fans down with the high-quality release.

Intro: Serendipity

As a rap line stan, I was rather caught off guard to learn that BigHit Entertainment had switched up the usual formula of having the rap line perform the intro and the vocal line perform the outro; however, the change ended up being a welcomed one. In the intro, the listener is immediately graced by Jimin’s gorgeous vocals. The track, which was released before the rest of the album and gave listeners a good idea of what to expect, has a catchy yet smooth beat that complements Jimin’s sweet lyrics. The new sound of this vocal-driven intro immediately sucks in the listener and leaves them eager for more. Side note, I’m quite certain the entire population fell in love with Jimin upon the release of this intro. Who wouldn’t when he sweetly sings “Just let me love you?”

MIC Drop

Like I said previously, I’m a rap line stan. So naturally, upon seeing “MIC Drop” on the track list, I knew we would be graced with another intense power anthem similar to the likes of the “Cypher” series or “뱁새.” And as the title promised, I was not let down by the strong early hip-hop vibes at the beginning of the song. The vocal line also trades in their usual soft vocals for a more powerful sound which adds a nice layer to the whole ensemble. As expected, BTS are the kings of hype anthems.


“보조개” or “Dimple” is the vocal line featured track on the album. The song is an EDM-influenced one much like the tracks preceding it and blends nicely into the sound of the full album. The talent of BTS’s vocal line has been denied in previous days, but this song proves the strength in the four vocalists Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin. Plus, listeners get the amazing wordplay of “So I call you illegirl.” Corny wordplay provided by resident dad joke expert Jin, or brilliant use of rhyme? It’s quite the topic of discussion out in the Twitterverse, but the interpretation is up to you.

고민보다 Go

A BTS album would not be a BTS album without a track that comments on the current state of society. Much like “뱁새” and “Am I Wrong,” “고민보다 Go” has a playful vibe to it while the lyrics critique society. The song encompasses the feeling young adults—not just in Korea, but worldwide—have in regards to their money in comparison to previous generations. If that isn’t extra enough, the choreography also includes quite a few dances that are well-known memes. (I’m not kidding.) Even at first listen, I found myself bouncing around my apartment reciting the chorus. Even your non-K-Pop friends will find themselves hooked on this song after one listen.

바다 Sea

The additional hidden track on Love Yourself: 承 Her brings back the sound BTS fans know and love. While some criticized the album release as being too clichéd with love story lyrics, the addition of “바다 Sea” is no doubt the antithesis of that claim, with the return of meaningful lyrics that express the doubts the boys feel toward the uncertainty of their future. This vulnerability and realness is what many ARMYs grew attached to in previous releases, so it’s nice to see that it still exists even amongst an album that seems to be lacking their usually deep lyrical pieces. If you care for the boys, it’s a truly heartbreaking yet moving song. As always, we absolutely love this real side of BTS!