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Throwback Thursday: Best of K-Drama Ballads

We often see ballads in Hallyu media, especially when it comes to K-dramas through their original soundtracks. Some of these ballads gain so much popularity that they peak highly on Korean music charts. On this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking a look at some of the best ballads in K-Dramas! Think you know your K-Dramas well based on their original soundtracks? Check out this week’s list to see which K-Drama OST ballad is featured!

“I will go to you like the first snow” - Ailee

Considered one of the best female solo singers in the K-music industry, powerhouse vocal  Ailee is featured this week for her song, “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” from the hit drama Goblin. Although this song was more recently released, it has earned several awards, making it the top OST song released in 2017. It is no surprise, as this heart-wrenching and emotion-invoking song will give you chills up your spine. Ailee’s amazing vocals shine through once again and may even bring tears to your eyes while listening. While there is no official music video for Ailee’s hit OST, check out this live, intimate performance below. Another highly recommended performance is Ailee performing a duet with a lucky fan on Fantastic Duo 2!

“That Woman” - Baek Jiyoung

From the hit 2010 K-Drama that has brought several parodies, sequin tracksuits, and the iconic “whipped-cream kiss” and “pull-up kiss” comes the OST track, “That Woman” by Baek Jiyoung! This female soloist is no stranger to singing for K-Dramas, having several tracks under her belt, but one of her most popular OSTs would have to be from the K-Drama Secret Garden. When this K-Drama aired, it skyrocketed to one of the top K-Dramas released in its time. With that, Baek Jiyoung’s “That Woman” also skyrocketed to popularity—even lead actor Hyun Bin released his own rendition of the song for the K-Drama. Just like Ailee, Baek Jiyoung’s vocals have an emotional quality that leaves a long-lasting impression. While the soloist has not been active as of late, fans are wondering when she will be releasing more music and participating in more K-Drama OSTs.

“You Are My Everything” - Gummy

From the hit drama that brought us the Song-Song Couple (an actual couple set to tie the knot soon), Gummy’s “You Are My Everything” from Descendants of the Sun rounds off the list for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Another powerhouse vocal makes the list and brings another emotion-invoking song about love and longing for that special someone. While there are several artists participating throughout a drama’s original soundtrack, like the others that have appeared on the list, “You Are My Everything” is one of the most iconic songs from its respective drama. This is another song that will surely bring chills down your spine and will make you want to hug a loved one. In the video below, if you have not watched the K-Drama yet, you get a peek into what the drama is about as Gummy belts out this outstanding ballad track.

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! There are many ballads and K-Drama OSTs that are highly deserving of recognition, so you may see them appear on a future Throwback Thursday! This is surely not the last time you will see K-Drama OSTs highlighted. Have you had the chance to watch the K-Dramas that these iconic ballads from? Tell us in the comments below which of the three mentioned this week is your favorite and why! Stay tuned for next week as The Kraze brings another fresh list of nostalgic songs. Who knows? You may see your favorite song and artist in the next installment of Throwback Thursdays.