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August/September Community Highlight: Amber of HwaitingRadio!

Each month, The Kraze is spotlighting individuals and groups in the K-Pop/Hallyu community. For the months of August and September, we are featuring Amber of HwaitingRadio! Amber hosts a K-Pop/Hallyu radio show via YouTube where she invites fans and Hallyu content creators from all over the world to come and talk about all the things currently happening in Hallyu and K-Pop! Her radio show takes on the form of episodes on her channel, and Amber also ventures out and uploads vlogs and other content on her channel as well. Currently, Amber/HwaitingRadio has over 40 episodes and a Summer Takeover special that fans can tune into on the channel. Recently at KCON in Los Angeles, The Kraze had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with her and hold this exclusive interview with Amber about her and HwaitingRadio!

Q1: How did you get into K-Pop?
A: Started off with watching anime and found J-Pop (Japanese Pop) music and because I’m part Korean, I wanted to know about my culture. So, I looked up Korean music on YouTube, and it all started with Epik High!

Q2: What made you decide to have a radio show on YouTube?
A: I wanted to hear people’s opinions about the K-Pop world because I know what I want to say, but I want other people to have a voice and say what they want.

Q3: What are some of your most talked about topics on your radio show? Drama, comebacks, etc.
A: I think it would have to be drama, which would be breaking news sort of things.

Q4: Who are you most excited to see at KCON LA this year?
A: VIXX! I love VIXX! Also Oh My Girl and Girl’s Day. I love them!

Q5: Are there any YouTubers/Content Creators that you would like to work with in the future?
A: My goal is to interview or have big K-Pop YouTubers on my show!

Q6: Are there any future plans or projects that you would like to share with readers/viewers?
A: I want to build my radio even more. Right now I have a little team, I call them Team Hwaiting! and grow with that. In the long run, I want to have a big studio so HwaitingRadio can be live!

A very special and big thank you to Amber of HwaitingRadio for coming to The Kraze’s first booth at KCON LA 2017 and for doing this special and exclusive interview! Make sure to check out Amber and her radio show, HwaitingRadio on YouTube. Subscribe and follow her on social media if you haven’t already!

YouTube Channel: Hwaiting Radio
Twitter: @HwaitingRadio
Facebook: Hwaiting Radio
Instagram: @hwaitingradio
Tumblr: hwaitingradio
Skype: hwaitingradio
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Kpop Amino: hwaitingradio