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Weekly Charts: August 28- September 3

Summer is wrapping up, and so is summer staple Show Me The Money 6. Many of the songs from the show have been charting high, with two in particular making it to the Top 10. Songs have begun to shift in mood to reflect the seasonal change into cooler times.

Wonder Girl

Sunmi may not be a part of Wonder Girls anymore, but that doesn’t make her any less relevant in the music scene. With her departure from her label JYP Entertainment, many were anticipating what concept she would take in her return to the music scene. Little did we expect TEDDY, who was previously exclusive to YG Entertainment, to be the composer of her solo song “Gashina.” As a shoe-in to be a hit jam already, the song especially delivers with pun-filled lyrics and an iconic dance to match. Sunmi has solidified her unique “dreamy yet sultry” image with this well-timed solo release. It’s no wonder (pun intended) that the song is ranked first on Bugs! and second on MelOn, Gaon, and Mnet.

Show Me The Top of the Charts

Though this season may not have reached expected viewership ratings, this show is, nonetheless, still quite the influence on both the music scene and pop culture. Coming in fourth place is Hangzoo’s song “Red Sun (feat. ZICO, Swings).” Featuring a hypnotic trap beat, the song is an ode to his current successful self to keep on looking forward as if he were under hypnosis. Using his past failure on the previous season of the show, Hangzoo has truly turned around and proven to himself he’s got what it takes to be a strong finalist for this season.

Nucksal should be happy that two of his songs have made it into the Top 10. His solo stage song “Filament (feat. Kim Bumsoo)” is a goosebump-inducing combination of rap and vocals. Served with soulful crooning by Kim Bumsoo, Nucksal doesn’t hold back with his sensible lyrics and rhythm. This song talks about his past tribulations, and he wonders if life is like a filament where darkness gives more freedom unlike his past situation. Despite such sombre lyrics, the song ends on an uplifting note when Nucksal mentions he is proud of what he has achieved now but doesn’t forget that life has both its bright and dark moments, like a lightbulb turning on and off.

His next song to make it to Top 10 is a duet with fellow contestant Jo Woochan, the youngest contestant ever at age 12. “부르는게 값이야 (feat. Don Mills)” is a declaration of self-worth. Though Don Mills’s featuring is a tad bit unnecessary, the song thrives on the two rappers’ rhythmic sensibilities and stage presence. Despite only being 12-years-old, Woochan has proven he can hold his own on the same stage as renowned rapper Nucksal.


Although 10cm is now a one-man act, it doesn’t make the name any less anticipated whenever a song is to be released. Famous for Western folk vibes and unique vocal tones, main singer Kwon Jungyeol delivers yet another soul-searching song, titled “HELP.”  This one is dedicated to the departure of his fellow instrumentalist. The lyrics speak of relating to the pains and troubles his fellow member felt, and the vocalist pleas for people to reach out to those experiencing troubling times. It is a relatable song, angsty enough for the seasonal change but not too heavy-handed.

Prolific producer Primary is back with a new aptly-titled album POP. When you have acknowledged idol singers like Sunggyu (INFINITE), Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT), Sandeul (B1A4), Soyu, Solji (EXID), and JB (GOT7) all featuring in one album, success is imminent. The entire album is a laid-back, easy listen. While it lacks in originality, the album’s strength lies in knowing which styles suit the vocalists best. You’ve got a sultry song to showcase the husky tones of Solji on one hand; while on the other hand, you’ve got a pop number to feature the bright tones of Yoseob. The song to pull ahead of others on the charts is “Drama” featuring Sunggyu. Although the singer rarely goes on singing programs to demonstrate his vocal prowess, he is an established vocalist in his own right. Anyone can recognize his particular brand of high tone vocals with just one snippet. The song debuts at fourth place on Bugs! chart.

Weather is changing, and so are our playlists! Which new songs are you jamming to in the car? Who do you think will win on SMTM6? Let us know in the comments below!