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Throwback Thursday: Infinite

Throwback Thursday is back once again this week with a fresh list of songs. Within the past couple of days, the K-Pop world was shaken by the news of Hoya leaving INFINITE. It is sad that the member has indeed left the group, but we all wish Hoya the best of luck with his future endeavors! This week, Throwback Thursday will be focusing on some of the best hits that INFINITE (including their sub-units) has released. While we no longer may see OT7-INFINITE in the future, we still have their previous music videos to look back on! Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we look at some of the best of INFINITE!


Considerably one of the best comebacks of 2015, “Bad” is a classic from the idol group. INFINITE is known for their catchy songs, and “Bad” is a perfect of example of not only the group’s trademark catchiness but also their sharp and clean choreography. It is a much darker concept from the idol group, which is not a first, but what makes this particular song and music video iconic is that INFINITE was one of the first groups to ever release a music video in 360 VR aside from the regular music video. No real VR-headset is technically needed to enjoy the music video, but fans can still have fun watching through their phone and moving around to get the entire 360 view. Watch their entire 360 version of “Bad” down below!

“Nothing’s Over”

Ah, the era of colored jeans. INFINITE was no exception to the trend of colored jeans in the music video for “Nothing’s Over.” Fashion aside, “Nothing’s Over” was released in 2011 and is one of the group’s brighter, more cheerful concepts. In a song that is about determination, especially when going after a loved one, one can’t help but find themselves repeating the catchy chorus. While INSPIRITs are used to seeing INFINITE conquer darker concepts, it’s quite refreshing when the group comes out a with a song and look that is light and fun. The music video also features sweet moments of the members goofing around aside from following the typical plot-driven video. It is definitely a sweet video and one not to miss out on as it is from their earlier days!

“태풍 (The Eye)”

For many fans, “태풍 (The Eye)” is a bittersweet song as it is the most recent comeback from INFINITE and also the last time we see INFINITE together as a seven-member group. “태풍 (The Eye)” is another dark concept release from the group but still one of the best they have released thus far. The story of the music video features all the members honing in on their superb acting skills once again, with L being the main character of the music video and the other members trying to protect him. Meanwhile another version of the song was released, showcasing the group’s strong ability in sharp and precise choreography.

After the news of Hoya leaving INFINITE, there are many questions as to what the group has in store next. Many fans are wondering when the next comeback will be and also looking forward to what Hoya has planned for himself with his future solo activities. Regardless, let’s continue to support INFINITE and Hoya with their future activities! That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned for next week as The Kraze brings another fresh list of nostalgic songs! Who knows? You may possibly see your favorite song and artist in the next installment of Throwback Thursdays!