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Stray Kids Spread Their “Young Wings” Towards Debut

Starting off as individual trainees, nine boys came to bond over their passionate dream to become one group. A name familiar to a part of the K-Pop community, JYP Entertainment’s newly-formed boy group Stray Kids presented themselves with a charismatic pre-debut album. Giving a fair warning of a hot debut awaiting in the near future, it isn’t hard to see the reason why these boys are currently the center of attention.

Mixtape: A Remembrance of the Past

Consisting of a total of seven songs, the pre-debut album Mixtape holds a special memory for fans and the boys themselves. All of the tracks on the album have already been presented on the survival program itself to evaluate the performance skills of each individual. Even with several hardships along the way, the reality survival show Stray Kids ended happily, relieving everyone of the burden of the unknown answer to Minho and Felix’s debut. You can check out all of the stages on Mnet’s official YouTube channel!

Now, this is probably a great start to introduce the boys properly. The song “Hellevator,” a favorite of many, paved the way for more people to start getting to know Stray Kids. Released on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel prior to the survival show, it brought attention to the group of trainees who could possibly become one of the company’s leading boy groups.

The newly-released performance video of “Grrr Law of Total Madness” brought a wave of excitement among fans enthusiastically waiting for the group’s debut. Already known by the public for their skills and potential for further development, Stray Kids provided a steady base of vocals and rappers that outshined normal expectations by finding their own music style.

One short glance at the performance video can lead the way to becoming a fan. The vivid colors of the casual streetwear outfits surprisingly fit well with the song, unlike the dark concept. The powerful dance movements and strong word choices emphasize the rebellious emotion of teens against a repressive society. The diverse formation changes within the choreography also allow eye-catching appearances of each member with his corresponding part in the song.

However, the real cause of adding this group on the must-fangirl list probably goes over to Felix. Felix starts off powerfully by repeating the title of the track with his unique low voice, making his way into fangirls’ hearts. But, of course, the other members show off their charms during their individual parts. Hyunjin and Minho with their stunning dance moves, the vocals’ (Chan, Woojin, Seungmin, and Jeongin) smooth voices, and the impressive rap by Changbin and Jisung make it even more difficult to choose a bias! With each and every scene, it surprises me as to how such a group could show an amazing performance prior to their debut.

Other than “Grrr Law of Total Madness,” Mixtape carries six other tracks of prominent concepts relating to youth. The distinct music of Stray Kids is one of the key factors in drawing K-Pop fans into the boys, especially with their visuals being a plus! With massive support from fans and the public, Stray Kids is already building up the anticipation of their future release that is coming soon. It is exciting to wait for what the group is preparing to surprise us all with for their anticipated debut!