INFINITE is back with Third Album, Top Seed

INFINITE is back with Third Album, Top Seed

INFINITE is back with a new album for fans after talk of contract renewals, the departure of former member Hoya, and pushed-back comeback dates due to injuries. INFINITE has made their long-awaited comeback with their third full album, Top Seed! Bringing 12 new tracks, INFINITE treats Inspirits, fans, and listeners to a refreshing album. As they kicked off teasers towards the end of last year, fans could not help but anticipate what the group had to offer.

1. Begin

As the title suggests, “Begin” is the intro to the overall album. It serves as a brief teaser to what the title track, “Tell Me,” will feature. “Begin” is mostly an instrumental, featuring the use of string instruments before progressing into an EDM-like upbeat sound with their leader Sunggyu’s vocals slowly fading in. This particular track sets the stage for their title track and gives a taste of what the rest of the album has in store.

Title: “Tell Me”

As a veteran K-Pop group in the industry, INFINITE has proven their ability to tackle various concepts, but one of their signature concept styles is the dark and dramatic theme. “Tell Me” is a novel track and music video that is not as hard-hitting and heavy compared to their other previous releases. While the song carries an EDM-pop sound, the vibe is light and airy, giving it that refreshing vibe mentioned earlier. True to INFINITE style, the song is catchy and one that you’ll have stuck in your head for quite some time.

Based on the music video, the main theme is the opening and closing of doors and having some sort of awakening. In the music video, the members are seen going through doors chasing after a girl who seems to be their lover or someone they are interested in. For some members, they get a glimpse into the past of what used to be with this particular person, and for the other members it seems they are opening the door in order to catch up to that person. As the door closes, some members wake up to the reality of having to move on by closing the door to the past so that they may open a new one; for others, however, they hurry to open the door in front of them so they can grab their chance with the girl. There is a lot of symbolism throughout the music video, something INFINITE is known to have in most, if not all, of their videos. Aside from the plot, we also have to note that the choreography and vocals will surely have you melting. All executed effortlessly, this veteran idol group will blow you away.

3. Synchronise

Keeping up with the mellow and bright feel, “Synchronise” is another track that is quite reminiscent of their older title, “Nothing’s Over.” This track is uplifting and fast-paced and will get you on your feet. “Synchronise” is also one of those breezy songs that invokes a sense of freedom. This is the perfect song to add to your playlist for those long drives or trips!

4. No More

Slowing things down, “No More” is an R&B-ballad track that listeners will enjoy listening to. According to the translated lyrics by KpopScene, the overall meaning of the song is about how the INFINITE members are at a place where they can no longer go back to what used to be with their former lovers. As much as they want to keep looking and reminiscing the past, the reality is that what’s done is done and nothing can be changed. While the song is sad in theme, this particular song has a soothing lullaby vibe that will make you sway back and forth.

5. TGIF (Dongwoo Solo)


As a treat to fans, three of the members of INFINITE have solo songs within the album. Dongwoo is the first member of the three with his solo track, “TGIF.” The song is a fun and groovy one that fans will enjoy dancing along to. A pre-party song, Dongwoo brings the hype and lights it up with this song. Dongwoo fans will definitely be delighted with this track. We hope that Dongwoo will also put out some solo work in the future!

6. Pray

The sixth track on the album makes use of string instruments similar to those in their title track, the difference being that “Pray” later builds up into a dance ballad. Fans will be entranced by the way the violin takes center stage for the instrumental, painting a picture of an intense ballroom dance scene. There is a burning passion that can be sensed in the underlying tones of the song, and with thanks to both the classical music touch and EDM-esque vibes, “Pray” seems to fit right into a movie or K-Drama where you see an intense or dramatic scene happening. It would also be perfect for those cliffhanger moments as well, don’t you agree?

7. Why Me


Bringing a calm tone back, “Why Me” is another ballad track from the album. “Why Me” can be classified more as an acoustic ballad, in which all the members’ vocals soothe the listener with honey-velvet voices alongside an orchestra of string instruments, creating a serene, peaceful atmosphere. If you close your eyes, you’ll simply get lost in the beautiful ballad. While the song has a light sound, there is an underlying feeling of sorrow in the INFINITE members’ vocals. Regardless, “Why Me” is another beautiful track from the group and a great listen.

8. Wind

“Wind” falls in the same category as “Synchronise” and Dongwoo’s “TGIF” as a bright and happy song! The introduction of the song alone, with all the guitars and whistling, will automatically hint that INFINITE is about to take the listener on a breathtaking and fun trip with them. The use of the electric guitar gives the song an extra energy boost, the perfect touch. “Wind” will bring a smile to everyone’s faces! There is something about it that makes you want to get up and dance around as you listen.

9. I Hate

“I Hate” is a track that might surprise you with the intro with the electric guitar. However, “I Hate” has all the angst and fiery spirit that you need. “I Hate” is the first and only rock track on this album, and it is a refreshing twist. No one would have imagined headbanging to an INFINITE song. “I Hate” would be perfect in an anime or action scene. Aside from that, this perfectly shows the idol group’s ability and talent to take on a different kind of song and excel in it.

10. Reminisce (L Solo)


L is the next member to have a solo song on the album. His vocals soothe as the piano and string orchestra play alongside him. As L is also known as one of the actors of the idol group, some may forget that he is just as great of a vocalist as his fellow members. “Reminisce” is a soft ballad track that all fans and listeners can appreciate. Just like Dongwoo and the other members who actively pursue solo promotions, it would be great to see L release more solo music in the future.

11. Love Song (Sungjong Solo)


Last but certainly not least from the solo tracks is the sweet “Love Song” by Sungjong. You’ll definitely find yourself melting over the warmth of Sungjong’s vocals as well as the cute and happy vibe of “Love Song.” Although we are still in the winter season, “Love Song” is the perfect song to bring in the spring season, and many fans will also appreciate his solo track. This song will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step! Sungjong has definitely brought spring early with “Love Song.”

12. Begin Again

INFINITE closes out the album with “Begin Again.” As they began the album with a more mellow sound, they end with a cheerful and happy song that will leave you feeling great ‘til the end and make you want to literally “begin” the album all over again. Despite all that has happened, “Begin Again” can be interpreted as INFINITE’s message to their fans that they are here to begin the journey all over again, together as one.

All in all, INFINITE has once again released another solid and commendable album. While there were some speed bumps along the way, it is great to see the idol group active in K-Pop once again, and we are looking forward to what the group has in store for the rest of the year! (Also, can we get more member solo work and music videos? Anyone else agree?)

Music Video: 9.7/10

Title Track: 10/10

Album: 10/10

Total Score: 9.9/10

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