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Throwback Thursday: Underrated Boy Group Releases

Throwback Thursday is back with another fresh list of hit songs that have been out for quite some time! This time we are focusing on some of the best releases from a few really underrated but really talented boy groups in K-Pop. Let us know if you recognize these groups and songs!


Considerably one of the best songs for the summer, “OMGT” is a jam that you don’t want to be sleeping on! With its catchy chorus and funky beat, you can’t help getting the lyrics and the song stuck in your head. MADTOWN currently has not been actively promoting, but two of the members, Lee Geon and Daewon have been participating in the idol reboot program, The Unit. While their activities as a group remain up in the air, let’s hope that MADTOWN can come together and stand on the stage once more. While patiently waiting, please check out their catchy hit, “OMGT,” and get ready to dance along!

“Queen” - HISTORY

HISTORY was one of LOEN Entertainment’s first boy groups to debut back in 2013. It was just recently in 2017 that the boy group disbanded, however, but we simply cannot forget their club banger, “Queen.” From velvety vocals to husky, deep raps, this group definitely made a splash with this sexy track. Despite their disbandment, this group had enormous talent, yet unfortunately did not get the attention they deserved. I highly encourage everyone to check out the rest of their previous releases after checking out their music video for “Queen”!  


Closing out this week’s Throwback Thursday is none other than Yuehua Entertainment’s UNIQ. This particular boy group features a mix of Chinese and Korean members, and their most iconic song is none other than “EOEO.” One listen will definitely have you singing along to its catchy and addictive chorus! The group has not been active as of late, and many of their fans are wondering when the group will make another comeback, given they showed much promise. Not many know of UNIQ because they are from a relatively small and lesser-known entertainment company, but they have a decent following and have the potential to blow up even more in the future. Listen to and enjoy UNIQ’s “EOEO,” and if this is your first time hearing something from them, I highly recommend watching their other releases!

That concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned for next week as we bring you another list of past hits in K-Pop. You may just see your favorites appear, or discover a group that you have not listened to yet!</conclusion>