Exclusive Content on Kocowa!

Exclusive Content on Kocowa!

If you have not heard of them by now, Kocowa is a new streaming service that is taking over the Korean entertainment world. The service is equipped with the latest and greatest Korean dramas, K-Pop shows, and variety. On top of that, they have a few awesome exclusive shows!

K-Pop Shows



Want to relive the glorious experience of BIGBANG leader G-DRAGON’s solo concert or live the concert you missed? Kocowa has coverage of G-DRAGON’s 2017 world tour that cannot be seen on any other streaming service. Even if you’re not a G-DRAGON super fan, the production value of such a large scale concert is rarely accessible without the purchase of an expensive DVD, so it’s worth a look!


Show Champion


Unlike many other music shows, Show Champion has fallen off the wagon in releasing clips of the show’s content on YouTube. Luckily, Kocowa has you covered on, with the full show streamed and subbed on their site! It’s rather difficult to find streams of the Korean music shows, especially a full episode. The exclusive airing of Show Champion not only fills the gap of official Show Champion content on YouTube, but even gives international fans a taste of what it would be like to watch the show airing in Korea.

Show Champion: Behind

On top of Show Champion coverage, Kocowa also has Show Champion: Behind, with special behind-the-scenes coverage of groups in the Show Champion waiting room. Fans love getting some action behind the scenes, and footage includes selfie cams of group members as well as backstage interviews. Easy access to our favorite idols backstage isn’t always readily available like this!

Variety Shows

Yo! Welcome to Korea!


Yo! Welcome to Korea! is a new variety show that takes a group of foreigner friends from different countries and brings them to Seoul, following their vlogs as they adjust to the cultural differences between their home countries and experience all that Korea has to offer. Citizens of countries like Mexico, Germany, Russia, and India, among others, have thus far participated. One foreigner friend who is familiar with Korean culture invites a group of his friends to visit, and they then join the hosts that provide commentary post-trip as the vlogs air alongside the commentary. The aim of Yo! Welcome to Korea! is to spread knowledge of Korea’s culture worldwide, as not many are familiar with its history and customs. One fun part about the show is seeing the foreigners speak fluent Korean as they commentate on the show, which we don’t often get a peek at in the homogeneous country.

Weekly Idol


In contrast to the previous show, Weekly Idol is very popular and very well known among the K-Entertainment community. Getting access to Weekly Idol has been incredibly difficult in the past, as streaming services haven’t offered the show despite its popularity. On top of that, finding the show with proper subs was nearly impossible. Fans of certain groups have taken to uploading videos of Weekly Idol onto YouTube and subbing them as necessary, but this process often took a great deal of time as translators were doing this in their free time; not to mention the videos would often be flagged for copyright and taken down. This issue has finally been solved by Kocowa. If unfamiliar with Weekly Idol, it is a favorite variety show of many K-Pop fans, as they bring on fan-favorite artists to reveal personal talents, engage in random dance challenges, and much more. You won’t want to miss the newest episodes!

As Kocowa is a new streaming service, this is only the beginning of some of the great shows they’re bound to have to offer for international fans. Kocowa offers three different membership types: monthly, annual, and even daily. Each offer gives you an ad-free experience, and the monthly membership gives you a month’s free trial. So even if you’re not big on a monthly commitment, you can still get a daily membership and binge all these exclusive shows in a few days, or even a single day if that’s your style!

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