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Throwback Thursday: Underrated Solo Releases

Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday! Last week The Kraze covered some underrated boy group releases, and this week we will be focusing on some underrated releases from solo artists. Now you may know some of these artists, but it’s such a shame that these releases did not get the attention they deserve. Check out this week’s list of songs!

“You & Me” - Kisum featuring Jooyoung

Need a song that is sweet yet funky? If you haven’t heard of Kisum yet, you are definitely missing out. This female rapper is from the underground hip-hop scene, but she appeared in Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar. Since her appearance on the show, she has gained popularity and has worked with several artists in the K-Pop industry. Her track “You & Me” is a sweet song which conveys the feelings of having a crush on someone and constantly having them in your mind. The music video is filled with bright, pastel colors that add more charm to the artist, showing that rap does not always have to be so hard-hitting and in-your-face. Jooyoung also accompanies Kisum, giving it a chill vibe as his smooth vocals complement the female rapper. It is highly recommended you check out the rest of her songs if you haven’t!

“Angel 2 Me” - Mckay featuring Jeff Bernat

If you are a fan of R&B and acoustics, Mckay is the artist for you. Mckay first made his appearance on K-Pop Star season two as a contestant who garnered a name for himself, giving him the opportunity make his debut in the K-Pop industry. Currently, the artist has quite a few of his own singles out and a series of covers under his name. One song in particular is “Angel 2 Me” which is a laid back, chill song featuring the vocals of Jeff Bernat, a Filipino-American artist who has been known to collaborate with other K-Pop idols and artists such as Crush, DEAN, and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls. With these two on the track for “Angel 2 Me,” you can’t help but melt at their soothing vocals that work so well with each other. “Angel 2 Me” has two versions of the song, one in Korean and an international version sung in English. If you haven’t heard or checked Mckay out, watch his “Angel 2 Me” music video below and be prepared to fall deep in love.

“Try” - Jimin Park

Last but certainly not least, this particular artist also made her first appearance on K-Pop Star which led to her debut in the duo, 15&. Jimin Park is well known in the K-Pop industry thanks to her powerhouse vocals and her energy as a host on After School Club. Aside from her activities with 15&, Jimin also has a prolific solo career. With her sweet vocals backed with acoustics and R&B vibes, this song is one that many will enjoy listening to. It is a shame that this particular release from Jimin did not get the attention it deserved but, nonetheless, it remains a favorite to those who have been long-time fans. If you have not heard of Jimin Park, “Try” is the perfect introduction to the artist and highly recommended to check out, not only for her solo work but also for her group, 15&!

That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Stay tuned for next week as we look at the ladies in K-Pop and some of the underrated releases! You may just see your favorites appear, or discover a group that you have not listened to yet!