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JBJ Shows Off Their Flower Boy Charms

Produce 101 fan-created group JBJ has made their first official comeback with their second mini-album, True Colors! In stark contrast to their first title release “Fantasy,” True Colors’s title “꽃이야 My Flower” is a soft and sweet EDM-influenced track accompanied by a very refreshing, cute concept.

From Intense and Sexy to Soft and Pure

As previously discussed in my piece on JBJ, I’m a big fan of their concept decision for their debut and quite enjoyed the album as well, despite not being emotionally invested in the members before the release as many of their fans were. Swept up in a sudden wave of affection for the boys and their music, the group quickly became a favorite; I was very much anticipating the new release.

It became clear from the teasers that the boys were going to go in an opposite direction from their debut. Rather than the chic black and white ensembles often worn in performances, the teasers for “꽃이야 My Flower” gave each member a different assigned color of the rainbow, showing them painting on bright backgrounds of white. The switch was eye-catching from the start, and luckily the song delivered.

The contrast from a focus on black and white to bright colors is gorgeous, and the upbeat EDM track of the song fits that contrast as well. The song begins with Hyunbin’s very smooth (and undeniably sexy) deep voice, instantly capturing the attention of listeners. Seriously, how does the boy have such an enticing voice like that?

The heavy EDM influence really comes out after the first chorus, adding flair to the somewhat predictable light pop/dance sound before it. Hyunbin and Sanggyun’s rap verses have a more alluring beat to them as well, giving the song all sorts of different melodies that keep the listener engaged and add a surprising element to a song that could otherwise be particularly flat.

Naturally, as expected from JBJ, the choreography and execution are fantastic (in this house we do not disparage those who try their best). For any fan who has watched behind-the-scenes content from the group, it’s well known that the cute concept fits the boys perfectly since they’re pretty much giant, soft children in real life. As much as I adore the sexy concept, this refreshingly cute concept definitely fits the true personality of the boys better. We love boys who excel in both sexy and cute concepts.

The full tracklist on True Colors matches the concept and tone of title “꽃이야 My Flower,” each track more focused on a dance melody than contrasting sounds present in the first album Fantasy. The group proves versatility with the switch in melodic choices—always a good sign for an emerging group. While I find that the concept and music video drive the majority of the charm of the title and even album itself, True Colors is a solid release that is likely to fit the tastes of many K-Pop fans, especially those who were not the biggest fan of Fantasy.