Confessions of a Budding K-Pop Fan

Confessions of a Budding K-Pop Fan

It is easy for newbies in the realm of K-Pop to be overwhelmed by the innumerable K-Pop acts, countless comebacks, and overflowing debuts. Most find it nearly impossible to hang on to the information overload of researching newfound groups on Wikipedia, keeping up with the latest news on Twitter, as well trying to catch up on the numerous YouTube videos, V LIVE streams, and inside jokes garnered over the years. Regardless of how experienced some fans are in the world of K-Pop, sometimes they find themselves in situations that seem awkward and embarrassing at first but can easily be looked back upon as fond memories. With these real reader confessions, reflect back on your own early days in the K-Pop fandom!

“I can only tell them apart by their hair colors…but they kept changing them every three weeks, so I lost track of who was who.” 


While a lot of K-Pop fans become defensive when people claim that their idols “all look the same,” we can’t help but confess that we’ve thought the same thing before. Especially with how distinctly K-Pop idols dye their hair, it’s easy to pick out a bias simply based off of a hair color or style. However, it all changes once another comeback era hits, and if you’re not used to your bias’s face by then, all hope is lost. “I was in the airport heading back home, and I ran into a group of idols heading back to Korea. I couldn't figure out who it was even when I got a closer look so I just stayed in the back with this one really pretty coordi-unnie with Maybelline quality hair/makeup before I walked off to my gate. I didn't realize it until afterwards that the group was SEVENTEEN and the ‘unnie’ was Jeonghan. The boy's tresses are magical.”

Appearances Can Be Deceiving


Some senior actors and actresses still look like they’re in their bright, early 20s when they’re actually ready to top off their 30s and enter their 40s (Gong Yoo we’re looking at you!). Thus, when it comes to the younger K-Pop idols, it can be hard to not only tell them apart but also tell who is the eldest or youngest.

“When I first got into BTS, I thought that Taehyung was the leader. I have absolutely no idea why, because I'm pretty sure no one ever told me that he was, but I genuinely thought this for several months until I looked closer into the group and found out I was wrong. On a similar note, I thought Bora was the youngest member of SISTAR until the group disbanded and I learned that she was actually the oldest.”

“I thought that the Daesang (grand prize) was given out in honor of BIGBANG’s Daesung. I thought they were just that legendary.”


Being exposed to K-Pop introduces new fans to a whole new set of terminology. Whether it’s Konglish or stan culture, it is very easy for budding (and even veteran) fans to misunderstand. Along with the primarily  new language comes an unfamiliar culture and perhaps differing social structure. “While watching a video with a lot of different K-Pop celebrities, I kept hearing the word ‘hyung.’ I figured it was just a very popular first name.”

Although the “K” in K-Pop stands for Korean, of course, idol groups often take to promoting themselves in foreign countries to increase their fanbases. To someone who has never delved into foreign music, it can be hard to distinguish languages at times. “I thought that BIGBANG’s ‘Koe o Kikasete’ was in Korean. Same with some EXO-M songs until I realized that it wasn't actually in Korean,” one of our readers supplied.

As a new fan entering the K-Pop universe, it may sure seem daunting. However, it soon becomes clear why K-Pop is trending across the globe as more become swept by the Hallyu Wave. There’s one thing that all our readers have confessed so far without fail: “Once you get into K-Pop, you’re never getting out!”

If there are any burning questions you want to see covered in depth or simply want to share your thoughts on this subject, feel free to comment below and open up a discussion! Let us know if the same thing has ever happened to you!

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